Sample Tournament

  • The Tournament Pairing Program software will allow you to create everything you need from start to finish for a wide variety of tournament formats. 

  • Choose from Stroke Play, Match Play, League Play, Round Robin, Stableford, College, or even Cup Matches. 

  • Below is an example of a how to set up a Round Robin Tournament for a Member/Guest. 

Step 1:  Tournament Settings

  • Select information based on your tournament.  Such as, name, dates, number or rounds, format, etc. 

  • Select basic handicap information. 

  • Notice that you can invoke Section 3-5 to use a specific set of tees to use when players are playing matches against each other from different sets of tees.  You are not limited to just off of the Low or High Rating as in other software programs. 

Step 2:  Select Players

  • Add members from an easy to use choose and click screen. 

  • Guests can be entered individually or imported from an excel spreadsheet or text file.

  • Player information may be edited or adjusted at any time through the player management tool. 

Step 3:  Team Creation

  • Select you method of creating teams from the drop down menus 

  • Now it is time to decide what percentage of handicaps are being used and also whether the tournament has any other reductions, such as a stroke limit between each teammate.

  • Check your pairings

  • If teams are not to your satisfaction, you may drag and drop them from one team to the next.

Step 4:  Create Flights

  • Choose the method in which to create the flights
  • This can be done by size, number or a custom breakdown of flights

  • Check and reorder flights if necessary.

  • Rename the flights to give a championship feel.

Step 5:  Choose Tees

  • Choose the course that will be played.
  • Indicate which flights will play from the front or back nine for each round.
  • A reminder will appear to make sure this section is completed prior to creating pairings.

Step 6:  Pairings

  • Select the flights that are to be paired.

  • Use check box if it is a shotgun and matches are to be rotated to ensure that all players will not start on the same holes for each round.

  • The program has default templates for round robin matches already programmed or... 

  • Create your own match matrix.

  • Now select starting time information for each individual round along with starting method.

  • When using the shotgun method to start play, select which holes should have multiple groups with an A and B team.

Step 7:  Reports

  • Print all important pre-tournament reports from a large selection of templates or custom designed reports.

Step 8:  Cart Signs

  • Use the special 5 Round Cart Sign to eliminate having members and guests switch carts after each round.

Step 9:  Scorecards

  • Fine tune your scorecard using printing preferences

  • Print custom cards for each round that can be printed on any type of paper or card stock.

Step 10:  Hole Locations

  • Fill out the information in the table and print a hole location sheet.

Step 11:  Scoreboards

  • Select a scoreboard that suits a round robin format.

Step 12:  Scoring

  • Adjust the points won and score each match to identify winners.

  • Export standings and reports onto your website for everyone to view.

Step 13:  Gift Certificates

  • One the event is completed, create gift certificates for all of the flight winners.



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