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Over the last three seasons, the FSGA Staff has hosted the Course Rating Captains and Tournament Chairmen at FSGA Headquarters in Tampa for Spring Training Meetings. These two-day meetings were held to review methods and procedures used in course rating and tournament operations across the state. The groups have enjoyed the time together and it has become a valuable tool in preparing for the upcoming season. To build on that for 2016, a Local Spring Training session is being held in each region, led by the Captain or Chairman in the area and an FSGA Staff member.


We very much want everyone to attend as these meetings have been found to be very valuable.  Please consider attendance as mandatory and we will inform you of the dates in advance so that you can hopefully avoid conflicts. There will of course be exceptions - 50th anniversary cruises etc., but we ask that you make every conceivable effort to attend.

Tournament Volunteer Spring Training Meeting Format

  • 9:00-12:00 Group Meetings & Interactive Demonstrations
  • 12:00-1:00 Lunch & Awards
  • 1:00-2:00 Group Meetings & Interactive Demonstrations
  • No cost to attend 
  • All volunteers will receive new FSGA shirts and a hat of your choice, including brimmed fabric, straw and golf-cap styles.
  • Volunteers will be recognized for years of service

Tournament Officials Local Spring Training

Meetings will be led by the Tournament Chairmen from your area and FSGA Staff members in attendance. These meetings will see a greater emphasis on officiating techniques, as well as responsibilities of a Tournament Official on an event day, i.e. setup, starting, pace of play checkpoints, and scoring.  We will still offer the Advanced Rules and Officiating Workshops in each area. In 2016, these will have a greater emphasis on "The Rules of Golf", with less emphasis on officiating techniques that will be covered in Spring Training.

Course Rating Local Spring Training

Meeting will be led by area Course Rating Captains and the FSGA Director of Course Rating, Gary Donat, and will include a thorough review of measuring and rating techniques used to conduct a Course Rating.

*Please Note:  Local Spring Training Days are only available to currently active FSGA Tournament & Course Rating Volunteers.*

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