Orlando Minority Youth Golf Association

Established 1991

Ages: 6-18
Cost: $100 Membership Fee
Members: 85

708 W. Jackson St.
Orlando, FL  32805

(407) 423-8546


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The Orlando Minority Youth Golf Association offers weekly instruction and course play at Dubsdred Golf Course. Friday night meetings are held at The Callahan Center. The Callahan Center is an impressive golf center in the inner city of Orlando. The facility has 14 mats under one big net that resembles a batting cage. It also has 2 greens and one bunker that are maintained by the city everyday. Both greens are in excellent shape. One green is used for chipping and the other is used for putting. The greens are fenced in with nets to protect against any wild shots.

Dr. Dorsey believes in keeping the kids busy. The kids receive training for golf and for life. On Friday nights the life training includes motivational speeches. An example of this would be "THE WORD OF THE DAY." Dr. Dorsey will speak on words like "TRY" or "Integrity." These motivational speeches are geared to inspire and encourage the kids to stay focused on positive things in life. Dr. Dorsey is very aware of the impact he has had and will continue to have on the kids in his program. He is not out to make the next Tiger Woods, but he is dedicated to developing mature adolescence and to giving minority kids the opportunity to learn the game of golf.

Seven Steps Training: Dr. Dorsey, the director of the Orlando Minority Youth Golf Foundation, has all of his kids learn golf the same way. They are all trained to learn seven steps in order to hit the golf ball. This training system is used by all of his staff. Dr. Dorsey believes that even if his kids give up golf, they will always remember the 7 steps. He trains them in such a way that they will be able to take the game with them for the rest of their life.

The Seven Steps include: 1) Grip 2) Bow to the Ball- Posture 3) Chin up- helps make a full shoulder turn 4) Dominant eye on the ball 5) Swing slow first 12 inches from the ball 6) Bring the club to the waist high, and load your right side with your thumbs to the sky 7) Finish with the hips at the Target

Dr. Dorsey is very proactive in teaching the kids on the golf course. While the kids are playing he gives them advice on their swing, encourages them to play hard, answers Rules questions, and shows them skills like course management. The kids feel free to interact with Dr. Dorsey. The kids love the attention.

Dr. Dorsey is involved with the kids almost everyday of the week. The program goes to the Orange County National facility 2 times a month and Lake Nona practice field 2 times a month. He sees the kids almost everyday after school and also on Friday nights.

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