May 15, 2018

Rules of Golf - Nice Shot, But Replay It

What happens when you play from outside the teeing ground or from the wrong set of tees?

Last week was the playing of 37th Florida Mid-Amateur Championship at the Coral Creek Club in the town of Placida. The Championship is unique because the format consists of 36-holes of stroke play and then the field is cut down to the low 32 scores. Those 32 players then advance to single elimination match play. The switch from stroke play to match play is unique because some rules and the penalties are different in match play.

For instance, there are no two-stroke penalties in match play, rather there are lose of hole penalties. In addition, a player can overlook a breach of the rules by their opponent. One of the biggest differences between match and stroke play is when a player accidentally plays from outside the teeing ground.

When a player plays from outside the teeing ground in stroke play it is a two-stroke penalty and the player must correct the error by playing a ball from within the correct teeing ground before starting play of the next hole. If the error is not corrected then the player is disqualified.

In match play there is no penalty for playing from outside the teeing ground, but the opponent may immediately require the player to cancel that stroke and play a ball from within the teeing ground or the opponent could let the stroke stand as played.

A few scenarios:

If you are playing a match from the White tee markers and your opponent stops at the much farther Blue tees and makes a stroke, you may choose to say nothing and proceed to the White tees for your tee shot.

If your opponent accidentally tees his ball up ahead of the tee markers and hits it long and down the middle of the fairway you may want to inform him he played from outside the teeing ground and must re-play the shot from inside the teeing ground.

Conversely, if your opponent tees his ball up ahead of the tee markers and hits his tee shot into a water hazard along the fairway it would be beneficial to keep quiet and not require the player to re-play the shot.

Knowing the Rules can make match play more enjoyable!

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