What Do You Need to Do Before Starting?

When you arrive at the first tee, you should first:

  • Introduce yourself to the people you will be playing with that day; and for gentlemen it is customary to remove your cap when doing so.
  • Next, count your clubs to avoid the embarrassing situation of starting with too many and the associated penalty that goes with it! You are allowed no more than 14 clubs. If you want to start with less than 14, you may add a club or clubs after the round has begun, up to the point of having a total of 14 clubs.
  • After that, make sure your golf ball has an identifying mark on it. Show it to the players in your group so that you can claim it as yours on the course and also to avoid hitting a wrong ball. Some players will mark one ball in the sleeve differently in case they need to hit a provisional and distinguish between the two.
  • Then, put a couple of tees in your pocket and make sure you have a divot repair tool to fix your ball marks on the putting green. A tee will do in a pinch.
  • To complete your pocket accessories, you’ll need a coin or ball marker to mark the position of your ball on the putting green when it is lifted. Many players will use their “lucky coin” or try to find a coin that has the last two numbers of the year it was minted on it that corresponds with their target score for the day; 1972 coin to shoot “72”. And throw an extra coin in your other pocket in case someone else asks you to mark the position of their ball for them during the round.
  • Finally, don’t forget the sunscreen and drink lots of water out there to stay hydrated!

Now you’re all set to enjoy your round!

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