Is it In or Out?

Have you ever had the problem of trying to figure out if your ball is in bounds or out of bounds because a tree or bush interferes with your sightline? Here’s a tip that may help you the next time this happens.

Remember, for a ball to be out of bounds, the entire ball must be out of bounds. As long as one dimple of the ball touches a part of the golf course, the ball is considered to be in bounds.

First, if a tree or bush intervenes on your line of sight, select a club, a ball retriever or a piece of string (every golf bag should have 100 yds. of dental floss in it) with which to measure.

Next, carefully measure a set distance with your measuring tool from each of the out of bounds stakes as well as from the golf ball. Place a tee or an object in the ground to mark each spot.

Finally, stretch a string between the two tees measured from the out of bounds stakes. If the string touches the tee marking the ball or the tee is on the golf course side of the string, the ball is in bounds.

If this tip does not help you and you keep hitting your ball near to the out of bounds, it may be time to see your local PGA Professional for some real help!

Remember, use the index or the table of contents to find the correct Rule that applies to the situation and follow the Rules of Golf to help yourself to enjoy the game of golf.

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