Why Won't They Let Us Play Through?

Recently, my regular Saturday group was one of the first out on this particular day. We happened to be three players that day and we were following a group of four gentlemen who were the second group on the course. 

It quickly became evident by the second hole that our group was much faster than the group preceding us. We noticed that the first group out was only a twosome who rapidly moved out away from their following group. 

We surely thought that the group ahead would notice us waiting on each hole. We tried the standard “hands on hips standing in the fairway” approach to see if they might notice us waiting for them on each hole; no luck. 

Our next thought was that they might just be waiting for that first par 3 on hole number five to let us go through. Once again, no luck. 

As the round progressed, we continued to wait on every shot. I thought that if that were me ahead, this following group might almost become a hindrance to us enjoying our round. But no one seemed to notice us. 

Finally, as we made the turn and walked onto the tenth tee, we placed our bags down on the back of the tee and watched them tee off. I walked forward between tee shots and politely asked “Gentlemen, would you consider letting us play through?” 

To my astonishment the answer from one gentleman was “for what?” 

I was shocked to say the least. I responded by letting him know that we had been waiting behind them on every hole. We were only a group of three, we were a faster group and since the group ahead of them was long gone, they might allow us to play through. 

Two of the other gentlemen in the group quickly and embarrassingly invited us to play through. It became apparent to us that the players in this group never realized how they had been holding us, and everyone behind us, up on the golf course. 

Moral of the story; be aware of what’s going on around you. If you step onto the tee of a par four or five and no longer see the group ahead, you may be the problem. 

The Etiquette section of the Rules of Golf booklet contains a segment on Pace of Play. Do everyone a favor and not only read it, but practice it. 

Remember, knowing and following the Rules of Golf can assist you in avoiding unnecessary penalties and help you to enjoy this great game of golf even more. 

P.S. – We finished the back nine forty-five minutes ahead of the group that let us play through on the tenth tee.

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