Can Santa Help Us with the Rules?

I know that Santa has a lot on his plate right now getting ready for the big ride. Hopefully, he and Rudolph will get a chance to relax on one of our sunny beaches after he finishes up; I know they’ll be tired.

I did send in my wish list earlier, so I hope he gets it. I understand the Post Office is very busy right now with everyone’s cards and letters.

I realize that the next Rules change is scheduled for 2020 so I wanted to plant the seed early with Santa.

I’ll share a few of my requests from Santa:

  • I hope the elves at the USGA and R&A do a very good job in simplifying the Rules of Golf. We are supposed to see some of their work in the first part of 2017.
  • I wish the maximum time allowed to search for a ball would be shortened significantly. Maybe down to two or three minutes from five.
  • I wish that when you were dropping a ball that everything would be within the same distance; one club-length (not two).
  • I wish the penalty for moving your own ball during search would go away. If anyone else moves your ball during search there is no penalty provided the ball is replaced. Why penalize the player for trying to find his own ball?
  • I wish that all water hazards were the same color and had the same options. Maybe we can combine yellow and red and have them all orange.
  • I wish that you could carry as many clubs as you wish. The club manufacturers would love that.
  • I wish that you could deduct strokes for finishing more quickly than others; more of an incentive.
  • I wish there was ball that went as far as the PGA Tour players hit it when I hit it.
  • And finally, I wish I could make more putts!

Happy Holidays from all of us at the FSGA!

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