Amateur Championship

Jupiter Hills Club - Tequesta
June 20, 2013 - June 23, 2013

The Club at Emerald Hills, Hollywood

Position Name Total Score
Qualified Kristian Caparros 71
Qualified Andres Gaviria 72
Qualified Michael Sullivan 73
Qualified James Weick Jr 75
Qualified T J Shuart 76
Qualified Ryan Carter 76
Qualified Jonah Wasserstrom 76
Qualified Todd Tyler Williams 77
Qualified Chris Ingham 77
Qualified Tony Vento 77
Qualified Kenneth Deckler 77
Qualified Logan Stauffer 77
Qualified Andrew Schilf 77
Qualified Michael Rafalowicz 78
Qualified Jordan Meltzer 78
Alternate 1 Tomaz Pinheiro 78
Alternate 2 Tyler Segal 78
T18 Harley Abrams 78
T18 Ben Finley 78
T20 Jonathan Sauce 79
T20 Paul Melson 79
T20 Peter Wegmann 79
T20 Oscar Rafols 79
T20 Diego Fernandez 79
T20 Ray Boone 79
T20 Marcelo Huarte 79
T27 John Skinner 80
T27 Mike Stiber II 80
T27 Ryan Henry 80
T27 Raphael Lizarraga 80
T31 John Gazitua Jr 81
T31 Baldonick Fernandez Jr 81
T31 Paul Pecaro 81
T31 Jason Levoy 81
T31 Zachary Volts 81
36 Alexander Charles 82
T37 Stephen Decoulos 84
T37 Ivan Ocampo 84
T39 Jonathan Rodriguez 85
T39 Jeffrey Corlett 85
T41 Kyle Koleos 86
T41 Dane Cianelli 86
43 Nikola Katusa 87
44 Brad Pinzur 88
45 Brian Sommer 89
46 Timmy Wideman 91
T47 Todd Williams 93
T47 Alex Badilla 93
49 David Espinosa 95
- did not complete event -
T50 Scott Campbell WD
T50 Tom Pelegrin WD
T50 Kosa Chon WD
T50 Ryan Hager WD
T50 Robbie Dew WD
T50 James Sherrow WD
T50 Sean Kund WD
T50 Hayden Bottini WD
T50 Tyler Sloman WD
T50 Donald Wolfe WD
T50 Scott Hurley WD
T50 J W Howard WD
T50 Beau Beckett WD
T50 David Obst WD
T50 Jon Hoffman WD
T50 David Pettit WD
T50 Patrick Spinosa WD
T50 Luis Alvarez WD
T50 Michael Wurtenberger WD
T50 Eddie Ortega-Ghiglione WD
T50 Carlos Pulido WD
T50 Skylar Thompson WD
T50 David Rodriguez WD
T50 Camilo Manrique WD
T50 Ross Gutlohn WD
T50 Carlos Garcia WD
T50 Hugo Pintos WD
T50 Garrett Green WD
T50 Anthony Infante WD
T50 Tommy Suri WD

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