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Palm Beach County Junior Golf Association

Established 1961

Ages: 8-18
Cost: $125 ($150.00 if parent does not volunteer)
Members: 250

549 Woodlands Circle
Atlantis, FL 33462

(561) 400-1502


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The Palm Beach County Junior Golf Association has been in existence since the early 1960's and was created for the purpose of providing an educational and suitalbe environment for young golfers between the ages of 8 and 18 to prepare them to become better citizens of our community. To promote and to provide properly officiated seminars and tournaments where the rules and etiquette of golf shall be taught and promulgated by these youths. To promote an educational program to youth by providing an outlet of healthy activities and training under good leadership and an attitude of wholesome community participation. To educate boys and girls to become good and decent citizens and to inspire them with a goal in life, and through education and instruction to enrich their lives for the day when they must take their place in society.

To instill in them through education and instruction the rudiments of teamwork and fair play.

There are no entry fees for individual tournaments.

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