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Player Grants

Junior Golf Grants are available to families of junior golfers who need assistance to lessen the hardship of the high costs of having a child competing in state and national junior competitions. 

The FSGA’s Future of Golf Foundation provides reduced entry fees into FSGA and FJT events, and provides travel and lodging assistance for state and national competitions.

Assistance is provided to:

  • Developing players who rarely have the opportunity to play on a state-wide or national level
  • Highly accomplished players competing in additional state and national level competitions

Tournament Entry and Travel Assistance

Please carefully read the eligibility requirements. Print and complete an application to be considered for assistance. Please contact the FSGA at (813) 868-5850 or email with any questions.

Acceptable Uses

  • Entry fee into FJT or FSGA junior competitions
  • Hotel and travel costs to FJT or FSGA competitions

Assistance Amounts

  • Partial reimbursements are awarded for travel expenses
  • FJT Entry Assistance result in reduced (50% - 75%) entry fees for the season

Eligibility Requirements

  • Available to junior golfers who have not turned 19 years old and have not enrolled in college full time
  • The junior must be a Florida resident and US Citizen
  • Application must be submitted a minimum of three weeks prior to the tournament dates.
  • Recipients must have a social security number or ITIN (individual taxpayer identification number)
  • Household income generally less than $125,000 (additional factors considered – number of children, other potential sources of funding, etc.)
  • Event must be a travel distance of over 75 miles from home address
  • Player must submit a score all rounds of the tournament in order to receive assistance
  • The FSGA may withdraw or revoke assistance privileges at any time due to breach of the FSGA Code of Conduct by the player or the player's parents/guardians

Assistance Application Renewal

  • Current year's assistance approval will remain active from May of the current year to April 30 of the following year
  • Applications must be renewed each year including the previous year's 1040 tax return

Junior Assistance Application

National Championship Funding

The FSGA Foundation is pleased to provide assistance to our players representing the FSGA and Florida at a National Championship. The costs of competing on the national level are high and the FSGA Foundation is happy to help offset some of the expenses. The FSGA and the FSGA Foundation are proud to be associated with our players competing at the national level. 

Assistance Amounts

  • $2,000 - USGA Championship located outside the state of Florida
  • $1,500 - USGA Championship located in the state of Florida
  • $1,500 - per partner playing in the U.S. Four-Ball or U.S. Women's Four-Ball outside of Florida
  • $1,000 - per partner playing in the U.S. Four-Ball or U.S. Women's Four-Ball in the state of Florida

Eligibility Requirements

  • Florida resident
  • Amateur Golfer who qualifies or is exempt for a USGA Championship
  • Under the age of 30 years old on the first day of the Championship
  • Active FSGA or FJT competitor
  • Must have a social security number or ITIN (individual taxpayer identification number)