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Rules of Golf Resources

The modernization to the Rules of Golf may seem overwhelming at first, but there are numerous changes that will make the game more simple. These pages will help you dive into all of the nuances and major changes to the game we all love. Any references or direct quotes made in these pages come from the Rules of Golf as propagated by the R&A and the USGA.

New Rules You Should Know

There are a number of procedural changes to the Rules of Golf which if ignored can result in penalties. This page will highlight these rules along with all other major changes that will make golf look and play a little differently. Below is what you can expect to find:

  • Helpful videos and explanations to the major changes
  • Applicable images for certain rules
  • Summaries/direct literature regarding the Rules

Material for Golf Professionals, Committees, and Officials

All levels of tournament officiating, whether it be club or world ranks, will require some adjusting.Changing Local Rules, Hard Cards, and providing resources to help train your committees will make this transition smooth.

  • How to order a Rules of Golf book
  • Model Code of Conduct and helpful videos/images
  • Model Local Rules and Hard Cards
  • Printable materials for your committees and/or members