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Volunteer Policies

The following policies were set forth by the Board of Directors of the Florida State Golf Association and apply to all Committee Members: 


It is our belief that the best representation of an association is by its members, and therefore the Florida State Golf Association strongly encourages all Committee members to become FSGA members.

Background Checks  

Before becoming an FSGA Tournament Volunteer, applicants are required to pass a criminal background check. The FSGA uses a third-party background verification company that searches state and federal criminal record databases and registered sexual offenders lists. Background checks are performed for new volunteers and renewed every two years. Background checks are required for tournament volunteers as they often come in contact with juniors competing in junior and adult competitions.

Disqualifying events include: (1) felony convictions; (2) registrations or the requirement to be registered on any sexual offender registry; or (3) misdemeanor convictions withing the last five years involving physical assault or battery, drugs or controlled substances, or cruelty to animals. Convictions for crimes not listed above,or appeals to those listed above shall be evaluated on an individual basis. Please See FSGA Background Check Policy for details.

Apparel and Uniform

The FSGA's volunteers and members are authorized to wear FSGA apparel. It is available for purchase only through the FSGA office.

Uniform Policy 

The purpose of the FSGA uniform is to identify volunteers while they are acting on behalf of the Association. Click here to view the Volunteer Uniform Policy and when exceptions are allowed (also see below).

The standard FSGA uniform includes navy pants and a white FSGA logo shirt.  Men may wear navy shorts for course rating, but are required to wear long pants for tournaments.  Women have the option of wearing navy shorts for tournaments or course rating.  All Committee members should wear a name tag.  White, colored, or FSGA logo caps, straw hats, or visors may be worn.

*Exception: During the months of June through September, all volunteers may wear navy shorts.  However, during the US Open Sectional, the Amateur, the Women's Amateur, the Florida Open, and the Florida Senior Open Championships, all male volunteers must wear navy pants.  Female volunteers may wear navy pants, shorts, or skorts.

At any time, volunteers who elect to help out prior to actual days of competition may wear shorts. 

New Committee members are issued an FSGA logo shirt, white or FSGA logo golf cap or visor, and a name tag.  The office issues these uniform items after the volunteer has been accepted and submits a Committee Member Information form.  Individuals with an interest in becoming Committee members should contact the FSGA office for information.

Additional uniform shirts and hats may be “earned” through days served in performing course ratings or for each day served as a member of the Tournament Committee.  (A course rating is equal to only one day, even if you elect to perform several hours of advance work prior to the day of the rating.)

 Apparel Days  Apparel Days
 FSGA Shirt 8  Bucket Hat 6
 Golf Cap/ Visor 4  Wind Shirt (long sleeve) 14
 Straw Hat 8  Wind Shirt (short sleeve) 14
 Wide Brim Bucket Hat  8    


To order a uniform item with service credit, print a Volunteer Service Credit Form by clicking the link above and to the right. Committee members may purchase uniform items and other FSGA apparel at significantly discounted prices from the office. Please call for more information.

Personal Representation

Service at Non-FSGA Activities: Volunteers should feel free to accept invitations to serve as officials at non-FSGA activities provided they do so as individuals and not as representatives of the FSGA.

Media Representation

FSGA volunteers should not represent themselves as spokespersons for the Florida State Golf Association to any media when making any personal comments or observations which may not represent the policies or positions of the FSGA. Please contact Jeff Magaditsch, FSGA Executive Director, if you expect to interact with media representatives for any guidance and information on Association matters. All media announcements regarding the FSGA will be made from the FSGA office.

If you would like to receive information about becoming a FSGA Committee Member, please contact Tracy Dachisen at (813) 868-5816 or