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Championship Policies

Conditions of Play

Entries are subject to rejection at any time (including during the event) by the FSGA. The reason for rejection may include false statement of handicap index, improper attire and/or unbecoming conduct, or intentional repeated breach of an FSGA policy. Any person whose entry is accepted shall be subject to the Rules and Conditions of Competitions set forth by the FSGA and the FSGA Code of Conduct.

Official Event

In all FSGA championships, an official event may be constituted by reverting to the results of an earlier round. Eighteen holes may constitute an official event.

Rules of Golf Apply

Play is governed by the current Rules of Golf and by the Florida State Golf Association's Local Rules and Terms of the Competition.  

Terms of the Competition

The competition is final when the trophy has been presented to the winner or, in the absence of a prize ceremony, when all scores have been approved by the Committee.

Additional Terms of the Competition can be found on each tournament's homepage on the FSGA's website and the Notice to Players that are distributed at each tournament.

General Eligibility

In order to participate in an FSGA tournament, you must:       
       a)  be a male or a female amateur golfer, and
       b)  be an individual member of the FSGA
       c)  have an active FSGA / GHIN Handicap (Florida Member Club or Type 3 online club)


  • Tournaments without individual membership requirements
    • Men
      • Florida Open, Florida Senior Open, & Amateur
    • Women
      • Florida Women's Open & Senior Open, Women's Amateur & Women's Amateur Stroke Play
  • Tournaments without FSGA / Florida GHIN handicap required
    • Women's International Four-Ball
    • Parent-Child Championship
    • Golf Professionals Entering "Open" Championships
      • Florida Open
      • Florida Senior Open
      • Florida Women's Open & Senior Open
  • Professionals are allowed to play in the Florida Open, Florida Senior Open, Florida Women's Open & Senior Open, and Parent-Child Championship. Professionals are not eligible to win or earn prizes at the Parent-Child Championship. See specific tournament homepages for additional requirements regarding professionals.
  • Either gender may participate in the Amateur or Florida Open Championships.
  • The FSGA reserves the right to adjust eligibility requirements for any FSGA competition up until the first day of the event.

Amateur Status - Players Awaiting Reinstatement (AR)

Please contact the FSGA Tournament Staff if you wish to play in any FSGA events while awaiting reinstatement by calling (813) 868-5850, or by emailing Players that have applied to be reinstated as an amateur through the USGA and have received notice from the USGA, may play in events under certain regulations:

  • Playing in a qualifier for an FSGA Championship
    1. Players must be reinstated as an amateur by the day of the qualifier in which they have registered to play
  • Playing in a State Championship that does not require qualifying
    1. Players awaiting reinstatement may register for State Championships that do not require qualifying, and eventually play, as long as they have been reinstated by the first day of the Championship.
  • Playing in a Florida Open Championship (Only event on the FSGA schedule that an A/R is eligible to participate in without being reinstated prior to the event)
    1. Players MUST register for the Championship as an AMATEUR
    2. Players that register and play as a professional will become ineligible for amateur status reinstatement
    3. Players awaiting reinstatement are not eligible for prize money, or points, as an amateur or a professional (including qualifiers)
    4. Players awaiting reinstatement during the qualifier that receive their amateur status prior to the first day of the Florida Open, may receive gift certificates and points as an amateur

Florida Residency

(Required for Most State Championships) - Effective 1/1/2024 and Revised 1/18/2024

Florida Resident - For purposes of competing in most FSGA competitions, a player must be a resident of Florida.

Date of Residency - The date for meeting the residency requirements is the first day of the Championship.

Definition - The following definition of residency applies: (see specific tournament pages for eligibility and residency requirements). 

  1. A person, or parent/guardian of a junior golfer, who owns or leases a residential Florida property and resides in it for at least 120 days in the past twelve months;


a person who maintains their permanent legal place of abode, where physical presence and possessions are maintained. Generally, to be considered a resident for the purpose of FSGA eligibility, a player, or the parents/guardians of a junior golfer (18 & younger), must meet a minimum of four (4) of the nine (9) items below.  Evidence of residency includes but is not limited to the following:

    1. Florida Driver’s License
    2. Florida License tag on vehicle
    3. Voter Registration in Florida
    4. Florida Homestead Exemption declared on residence
    5. Place of Employment in Florida, or fully retired
    6. Proof of payment of utilities at property for which residency is being claimed
    7. The address listed on their federal income tax return filed by player.
    8. Has an active GHIN handicap issued by a physical FSGA member club
    9. Dues paying member of a physical FSGA member club while residing in Florida

To meet the FSGA’s Florida Residency policy, the person must meet the minimum 120 days of residency and meet four (4) of the nine (9) items listed above, unless the person meets one of the following four criteria:

  1. A student who physically attends a high school or college in Florida at any time during the four months prior to the last day of the Championship.
  2. A student who graduated from a Florida high school and who attends an out-of-state college, but remains a legal dependent of a parent or guardian who meets the Florida residency requirement.
  3. Military personnel, spouse and dependent children of a military personnel, based in Florida on active duty.
  4. Military personnel, spouse and dependent children of a military personnel, whose residency is in Florida; but is based outside of Florida on active duty.

Florida Residency is Not Required for the Following:

Florida Junior Tour, Parent-Child, Florida Women’s Open, Florida Adaptive Open, Florida Hickory Open, Women’s International Four-Ball, Junior Team, Southwest Amateur Series, Winter Series, Women’s Winter Series, Women’s LinkUp, and the Interclub.

Player Assumption of Risk

All players who enter agree to the follow Assumption of Risk Policy by checking a box on each entry form as part of the entry process:

I hereby agree to the following: Risks - By checking this box and entering this tournament, I accept that there are risks inherent in the game of golf, and I accept personal and sole responsibility for all such risks.

Click here to view the complete Release & Waiver Agreement 

Code of Conduct    

2023 Code of Conduct.pdf

Players may be warned, penalized or disqualified for violations of the Code of Conduct (Including violations by their caddies or family members). Further, the FSGA may reject an entry application, revoke an accepted application, expel from the tournament and/or suspend a player from future tournaments if the player, their caddie or family members engage in conduct detrimental to the integrity and image of the game of golf and/or public confidence in the FSGA. Such conduct may include, but is not limited to:

  • Disorderly behavior, including:
    • Excessive use of profanity
    • Club throwing
    • Verbal or physical abuse, or threats of abuse, to officials, volunteers, other players or staff
    • Damage to the golf course or any player's equipment
    • Unbecoming conduct
  • Failure to care for the course, including, but not limited to the failure to: 
    • Fill or step down on divots (reasonable effort to repair/fill divots)   
    • Repair ball marks
    • Rake Bunkers
    • Follow cart rules
    • Disposing of trash into trash receptacles or golf carts
  • Failure to abide by the host club's rules
  • Dress Code violations


  • Are NOT permitted in FSGA and FJT competitions except for the following championships and qualifying:  Florida Open, Florida Women's Open & Senior Open, and the Florida Senior Open.

Headphones & Earbuds

  • Are not permitted for players or caddies during competitive rounds.

Player's Responsibility for Caddies & Family

Players in USGA, FSGA or FJT competitions in Florida are guests of the host club and accordingly, players are responsible for the behavior and attire of their caddies and family. Players may face withdrawal of their entry, and possible future suspension for the inappropriate behavior of their caddies or family members. Players, caddies or family members who repeatedly violate the code of conduct, or who are abusive to officials or club staff, may be suspended from attending future events.

Subject to Rules

Any person whose entry is accepted shall be subject to the Rules and Conditions of Competitions set forth by the FSGA.

Alcohol and Drugs

The illegal use of drugs or alcohol by players, caddies or family is prohibited. Alcohol should not be brought onto the property. All food & beverage policies of the club should be followed.

Dress Code - (Before, During and After the Round):

  • Club Dress Code Policy – If more formal, supersedes the FSGA dress code
  • Generally Accepted Golf Attire - Should be worn at all times by players, caddies and family
  • Shirts – Must have collars or be specifically designed for golf and acceptable at the host facility 
  • Men’s Shirts – Must be tucked in at all times
  • Hats – Must be worn forward and should be removed in dining areas
  • Women's Shorts, Skirts, Skorts – Generally, should reach mid-thigh in length (half way between hip and knee)
  • Footwear – Athletic shoes, golf shoes or dress shoes should be worn
    • Flip flops are discouraged

Dress Code - Spectators (Family Members)

  • Spectators are guests of the club and should avoid wearing jeans, t-shirts, short shorts, and similarly casual attire.  Generally, golf attire is preferred. We hope that you will attend our events and be comfortable, but ask that you respect the host club's policies. At few clubs, jeans are permitted on the golf course, and in those cases, jeans would be acceptable for spectators but not for players or caddies. When in doubt, please contact us or avoid jeans and more casual attire.

Parents & Spectator Involvement in Conduct and Rulings

Please refrain from policing any code of conduct issues. If you witness a code of conduct breach that is serious or have seen the same breach multiple times by a player, you may notify an official. DO NOT HANDLE THE SITUATION YOURSELF. Officials and the Tournament Chairman will be responsible for handling all code of conduct issues.

Penalties for Violation of Code of Conduct

Penalties may be assessed based on each individual situation including the severity of the breach and the factors that contributed to the breach occurring. 

  • 1st Offense: Warning
  • 2nd Offense: One Stroke Penalty
  • 3rd Offense: General Penalty (Loss of hole in match play or two-stroke penalty)
  • 4th Offense: Disqualification
  • Immediate Disqualification: Serious Misconduct 

Pace of Play

The Florida State Golf Association Championship Pace of Play Policy is in effect. The policy utilizes two checkpoints. Click here to view the Championship Pace of Play Policy.

Distance Measuring Devices

A player may obtain distance information by using a device that measures distances only. However, if, during a stipulated round a player uses a distance-measuring device that is designed to gauge or measure other conditions that might affect his/her play (e.g., gradient, wind speed, temperature, etc) the player is in breach of Rule 4.3.

List of Conforming Driver Heads and Golf Balls

Optional restrictions Section 8 of the Committee Procedures are in effect. Model Local Rules G-1 and G-3.

Loss of Exemptions

If a player turns professional, he loses any exemption(s) he previously earned as an amateur player with the FSGA.  Exception is the Florida Open Championship.

  • A player exempt from local qualifying, at the time of entry, may elect to forego the exemption, pay the qualifying fee, and compete in a local qualifier. The election to waive the exemption is irreversible.
  • A player who is exempt and fails to submit their entry before the entry deadline, forfeits their exemption, NO EXCEPTIONS.

Amateur Championship Exceptions:

  • Amateur Champions prior to 2018 receive a lifetime exemption provided they remain an amateur.
  • After 2017, Amateur Champions and any prior winners who turn professional, will remain exempt for 25 years from the year of their victory, regardless of whether they turned professional and were subsequently reinstated as an amateur by the USGA.

Entry Priority

Unless otherwise specified, entries will be accepted based upon the order of receipt. Entries received after the competitive field is full or after the close of entries, will be placed on an alternates list. Alternates will be contacted in the order of receipt of entry, if and when, a spot becomes available.

In the event an FSGA Championship (non-qualifying Championships) receives a number of entries that exceeds maximum capacity, the Tournament Committee reserves the right to hold open one spot for the defending Champion provided the defending Champion submits a complete entry on time. Should the defending Champion not submit a complete timely valid entry, the spot will be filled by an alternate.

Events Requiring Qualifying - Players may submit one entry per Championship and choose the site at which they will attempt to qualify. However, if any site requires adjustment (including, but not limited to, the receipt of more entries that can be accommodated), players will be transferred to another site based on their preference listed on the entry application and date of receipt of entry application (i.e. later applicants will be subject to transfer).

Transferring Qualifying Sites

The Championship Committee may allow a player who has submitted a complete entry to transfer his/her entry to a different qualifying site. Terms include:

  • The entrant must notify the FSGA Office by email at or by telephone at (813) 868-5850
  • The transferred entrant may placed on an alternates list for the new site, or fill any openings
  • Alternates are ranked by the time and date of receipt of entry
  • An alternate may change qualifying sites at any time up until qualifying is completed for that championship
  • An entrant accepted into a qualifying site may change sites up until 12:00 (noon) of the day prior of the qualifying site the entrant was accepted to
  • The date of transfer of entry - rather than original entry date - will serve as the date of withdrawal for refund purchases, should that player not be accepted into the new qualifying site 

Late Entries and Fees

After the entry deadline, entries will be placed on an alternates list in order to fill spots should they become available. Any late entrant that gains acceptance into the field will be subject to a $10 late entry fee.

The Late Entry Policy does not apply to Exempt entries or Championship Pre-Registration fees.

Tournament Information

Information concerning practice rounds, course assignment, pairings, starting times, etc. will be posted to the FSGA website at prior to the event.

Scoreboard Designations - Withdrawals, No Shows, No Cards and Disqualification

  • WD - A player who withdraws before or between rounds prior to his tee time by notifying the Club, the FSGA or a representative of the FSGA, will be listed as a withdrawal (WD) on the scoreboard, website and in press releases. 
  • NS - A player who fails to appear for his/her starting time without prior notification to the Club, the FSGA or a representative of the FSGA, will be listed as a No Show (NS)
  • NC - A player who begins his/her round and does not return a completed score card for any reason including injury, will be listed as a No Card (NC).  Players who do not finish their round due to weather delays (leaving during the suspension) are also listed as NC's.
  • DQ - A player whose breach of a Rule of Golf results in disqualification or who is at the course and is late to the tee by more than 5 minutes, will be listed as Disqualified (DQ)

Score Posting

In accordance to the 2020 World Handicap System, the FSGA has adopted the following policies for score posting to your GHIN Handicap.

Events FSGA will post scores to GHIN:
  • Individual Championships, Championship Qualifiers, USGA Qualifiers & Winter Series - the FSGA will post scores to GHIN from the adjusted course rating and slope from the tees played that day, as "C" (Competition) Scores.
  • Individual One-Day Events - the FSGA will post scores to GHIN from the adjusted course rating and slope from the tees played that day.
Events FSGA will not post scores to GHIN:
  • Four-Ball Championships, USGA Four-Ball Qualifiers & other Four-Ball Events - due to the nature of the events, and not having hole-by-hole scores for all players, the FSGA cannot post scores to the GHIN Handicap System. The FSGA will post the adjusted slope and rating on the tournament results page and players must post to GHIN their most likely scores on the day of competition using the adjusted slope and rating provided.
  • Foursomes, Modified Alternate-Shot & Scrambles - due to the nature of the competition, players will not have a score to post for these rounds.


Players who have applied to participate in a FSGA event and wish to withdraw for any reason MUST withdraw through the FSGA website or notify the FSGA Office by email at or by telephone at (813) 868-5850 prior to the event. Players who fail to follow this procedure will be listed as a NO SHOW.

No Shows

A player who does not show up and does not notify the FSGA may, at the election of the Tournament Committee, have their entry rejected for any FSGA event for up to one calendar year.

Refund Policy

  • Prior to Entries Closing - Refund Available - Entry fee paid, less $20 per entry administration fee
  • After Closing Date and More than Two Days Before Event - 50% of entry fee will be refunded (Except for Championship Fees and Exempt Fees - see below)
  • Within Two Days of Start Date - No requests will be honored within two days of the scheduled start date of the Championship (non-qualifying events) or the local qualifying date. 
  • Exempt Fee or Championship Fee
    • Withdrawal Prior to the Pre-registration Deadline  - refund honored (less $20 per entry administrative fee). 
    • Withdrawal After the Pre-registration Deadline - no refund available
  • Method of Refund - All refunds will be applied to the credit card account used for the initial entry fee purchase. If the initial credit card is no longer active (lost or stolen, etc), please contact the FSGA directly by telephone. Refunds to your credit card are processed on the day submitted and often require several days to appear on your account, based upon your financial institution's policies.

Weather Shortened Events

When inclement weather causes a round to be shortened, the FSGA will do everything possible to complete the Championship in its entirety. In the event that more than 50% of the scheduled rounds are canceled, a partial refund may be provided after accounting for all expenses and overhead related to conducting the competition in its shortened form.


As per the FSGA Code of Conduct, caddies are NOT permitted in FSGA and FJT competitions, except for the following championships and qualifying rounds: Florida Open, Florida Women's & Senior Women's Open, and the Florida Senior Open. 

There are no restrictions on who may caddie at the Florida Open, Florida Women's & Senior Women's Open, and the Florida Senior Open; however, the caddie must walk, the player must ride and the player's bag must stay on the cart.

Cut Policy

For Championships that have a cut, the cut number is final once all scores have been approved by the Committee and the cut number is announced. The cut number does not change even if a disqualification or score change occurs after the cut number was announced.

Carts, Cart Fees and Spectators

The cost of cart fees for Championships and qualifying is included in the entry, exempt or qualifying fee. Competitors who qualify for the Amateur, Open, Amateur Match Play, Senior, Four-Ball, Senior Open, Boys Junior, and Mid-Amateur are also required to pre-register and pay a championship fee, which includes all cart/course and range fees for the competitive rounds of the Championship. Only participants may ride in carts. There will be a maximum of two carts per group and a maximum of two people in a cart at one time. Each player’s golf bag must be on the cart and players must ride.


Junior Championships: All players must walk and carry their own clubs. Pull carts are permitted if course policy allows. Use of a caddie is prohibited. Based upon availability, spectators may be authorized to rent carts, but must follow the published policy (available on site).

Push/Pull Cart Policy

The FSGA encourages the use of push/pull carts whenever walking is required or is an option. Electric push carts are permitted. When a club does not allow push carts, the players will be notified in advance by the FSGA. To prevent injury during the use of shuttles to transport players between holes, players must follow the published policy which prohibits pulling the carts behind or beside a golf cart.  Push carts must be safely attached to the golf cart for transportation. (Click here).

Spectator Cart Policy

Based upon availability and approval from the host club, spectators may be authorized to rent carts, but must follow the published policy (Click here). 

Spikeless Policy

It is a condition of the Florida State Golf Association that shoes with traditionally-designed spikes (regardless of composition, i.e., ceramic, plastic, etc.) or spikes, regardless of design, comprised either entirely or partially of metal (when such metal comes in contact with the surface of the putting green) are prohibited. Penalty for breach of this condition: Disqualification.

Publicity and Promotion; Broadcasting

By participating in FSGA Events you grant the FSGA and those acting with the FSGA, permission, authority and the permanent rights to use your name or likeness for publicity and promotional purposes.  Participants understand that all Media, including film, photographic prints, audio or digital files are the exclusive property of the FSGA.  Participants in FSGA events waive their rights to inspect or approve all media produced by the FSGA and those acting on the FSGA's behalf.  Participants waive their permanent rights to compensation for use of their name and likeness by the FSGA.


If a flighted round is not completed by the entire flight, the flighting will be ignored for the purposes of prize distribution.

Official Time

The official time will be maintained at the starting tee(s) only.

Scoring Area

When not specified on the Notice to Players, the scoring area is 50 feet from the outside edge of the scoring table. A player's scorecard is officially returned when the player exits the scoring area.

Return Checks

All checks returned due to insufficient funds will carry a $30.00 service charge.