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Non-Qualifying Championships Alternate Information

General Information
(see specific Championship Information below)

Does the FSGA have an alternate's list?

Generally, once a Championship field reaches maximum capacity, entries received thereafter are placed on an alternate's list in order or receipt of entry.

How do I get on the alternate's list?

You must submit an entry to be placed on the alternate's list. Your entry will not be charged unless you do gain entry into the Championship.

How can I gain entry into the Championship as an alternate?

Once a spot opens up as a result of a withdrawal, the next alternate will be contacted. Should that alternate not accept, the next alternate on the list will be contacted.

Can I stand by at the Championship site?

Yes, you may show up at the Championship and if a player either withdraws at the last minute or no-shows, an on site alternate will gain entry into the Championship provided that person has submitted an entry. Should there be more than one on site alternate, the alternate who's entry was received first will be offered the spot.

Championship Specific Procedures for Alternates

Women's International Four-Ball

Alternates for each specific Division will be used to fill open spots until that Division's alternate's list is exhausted. Once a Division's alternate list is exhausted, the next alternate from the other Division will be offered the spot.

Parent Child Championship

An alternate's list for each specific age division will be established upon order of receipt of entry. Only alternates from that specific age division will be contacted and offered a spot in that age division when one becomes available.