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Course Rating Captains Meetings

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Captains Meetings are designed to brush up on the necessary skills needed to rate courses correctly and efficiently. The annual Captains Meeting is a  get together to preview the upcoming season, update captains on the FSGA, review and discuss any changes to the Course Rating System,

What They Are

  • Two day meeting dealing with Course Rating procedures and best practices

Designed For

  • Active Course Rating Captains

Meeting Details

  • Association update
  • Volunteer Recognition and Appreciation (years of service, special recognition)
  • Review of Course Rating procedures
  • Preview of Course Rating scheduling process
  • Review of new workbook
  • Due to popular demand, no quizzes this year


  • There is no cost to any active Course Rating Captain.

You may register online by clicking on the "View Schedule" button and select the site you wish to attend.