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Stroke Index Allocation

In terms of stroke allocation, we along with the rest of the world follow Appendix E in the Rules of Handicapping under the World Handicap System®. It uses course rating data to provide recommended stroke allocation for men and women. It is recommended that one set for men and one for women is used. 

  • Please provide me with the most commonly played tee for men and women.
  • Once you provide me this information, I will provide you a report which will outline column to column how the recommended stroke allocation came up.
  • The USGA recommends that each course have one allocation for men and one for women, based on the most commonly played set of tees for each gender.

To provide you a short summary:

  1. The recommended stroke allocation used course rating data from rating scratch and bogey golfers for the specific set of tee
  2. It is then organized from 1-18 ranking of the difficulty of the holes
  3. It it is then organized into odds on the front and even on the back
  4. This is followed by a Triad method to balance out the most difficult holes in the middle triad.
  5. This method does not use any hole by hole posting from GHIN or Golf Genius.
  6. The report will look something like the one below.
  7. You read the report left to right 
  8. Difficulty value: This is the difficulty of stroke holes based on data from course rating
  9. Ranking: Ranking the holes 1-18 based on difficulty value
  10. Odds/Even Distribution: Odds on the front, evens on the back
  11. Stroke index: Incooperates the triad method and Appendix E of the rules of handicapping to organize the stroke allocation
  12. Stroke Index (Override): This is what the club is currently using for stroke holes.
  13. Tee Rating (Override) : This tee uses specfic handicap stroke holes different that all the other tees
  14. To learn more about the Appendix E, please review the Rules of Handicapping which can be found in the following link.

If you have any further questions, please contact our Director of Course Rating, Duncan Chau, at