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Rules Training and Certification

The Florida State Golf Association (FSGA) conducts more than 600 days of competitions each year and we frequently receive requests to provide officials for other tournaments conducted in Florida. We have an ongoing need for more officials and hope that you will consider getting more involved.

Rules Education Program - The FSGA offers Rules of Golf Workshops to the general public and additional training and workshops for our Committee of volunteer officials.  We also provide a certification program, whereby officials can complete several stages of training, education, and on-course experience that results in them being "certified" as a Rules Official, Senior Rules Official or Tournament Chairman.

No Prior Experience Needed - Our officials are kind and generous people and as a new volunteer, you will never be put in a position that would make you uncomfortable. To help at a golf competition, you do not need to be an expert on the Rules – you just need to love of the game. 

Some tournament volunteers help out three or four days a year while others work more than 50 days each year – it all depends on your level of interest and everyone is welcome. There are many responsibilities involved in conducting a competition that do not require advanced Rules knowledge, such as serving as a starter or scoring official, or helping with pace of play checkpoints. 

However, as you become more interested in helping, we hope you will choose to become a Certified FSGA Rules Official.  

FSGA Tournament Positions

FSGA staff and volunteers work together to conduct tournaments for men, women and juniors of all ages. Generally, we have four "levels" or "positions" for officials:

  • Tournament Volunteer - General volunteer without rules certification
  • Certified Rules Official - an official with "advanced" knowledge on the Rules and procedures (See below for more info)
  • Senior Rules Official - an official with "Expert" knowledge of the Rules and procedures (see below)
  • Tournament Chairman - a rules official fully qualified to lead and conduct any event as the official in charge.

How to Become a Tournament Volunteer

The Florida State Golf Association is proud to have one of the largest and finest volunteer based golf associations in the country. If you are interested in becoming an FSGA volunteer, please complete the following steps:

Step 1

  • Contact Tracy Dachisen, Director of Volunteers at (813) 868-5816, or, for information about becoming an FSGA Committee Member.

Step 2

  • Observe at a Tournament - Tracy will set up a "Ride Along" Day for you at a nearby FSGA tournament. There, you will spend time with other officials and observe the core functions that volunteers perform including registration, starting, pace of play, officiating and scoring. We will also provide lunch.

Step 3

  • Tracy will contact you after your "Ride Along" Day to answer any questions and to discuss your next steps
  • If you would like to become a volunteer:
    • You will be asked to complete a background check
    • We ask that you join the FSGA as a member
    • You will receive a volunteer shirt, hat and a name badge
    • You will be shown how to use our website to volunteer for future events (Volunteer Central)
  • If you do not wish to become a volunteer; the lunch was on us!
  • See Want to Volunteer for more details

Requirements: Certified Rules Officials and Senior Rules Officials

To become a "Certified Rules Official" or a "Senior Rules Official" with the FSGA, you must demonstrate proficiency in the Rules of Golf and officiating techniques. Their duties include applying and interpreting the Rules of Golf, course set-up, starting, scoring, as well as other officiating duties.You must  complete the necessary education and experience requirements to be certified. The general requirements for both Certified and Senior Officials are the same, but the title of Senior Rules Official is earned through a higher test score on the PGA/USGA 100 question Rules Exam.

Education Requirements

  1. Attend EITHER:
    1.  FSGA One-Day Rules Workshop (Level One) OR
    2.  PGA/USGA three day Rules Seminar; AND
  2. Attend an FSGA Level Two Workshop - Officiating Techniques & Common Rules

Exam Grades Required for Certification

  • Rules Officials
    • USGA/PGA 80 Question Exam - Must answer 75% questions correctly (60 out of 80) 
    • USGA/PGA 100 Question Exam - Must achieve 75% (75 out of 100) (Designated "Advanced" by USGA)
  • Senior Rules Officials
    • USGA/PGA 100 Question Exam - Must achieve 90% (90 out of 100) (Designated "Expert" by USGA)
  • Exams
    • Scores are good for four (4) years. Officials must provide a copy of score certificate from PGA/USGA Workshops.
    • Exam Sites & Times - 
      • 80 Question Exam - the FSGA proctors the USGA/PGA 80 question exam throughout the year at specific sites and dates. The 80 Question Exam can also be taken at the USGA/PGA Rules Seminars or online through the USGA. 
      • 100 Question Exam - The USGA offers the exam through the USGA website or at the USGA/PGA Rules Seminars taught nationally in the first quarter of every year.  The workshop schedule is published in the fall, please see the USGA website for more information.
    • Frequency - A person may take each exam once per year and you may take both in the same year.

On Course Requirements

Work four (4) days at an FSGA administered Championship or qualifying event upon completion of the educational requirements.

Continuing Education Requirements - To Remain Certified

  1. Work four (4) days at an FSGA administered Championship or qualifying event per calendar year; AND
  2. During each four (4) year period, attend a FSGA Level II; AND
  3. During each four (4) year period, attend a FSGA One-Day Rules Workshop (Level One) or PGA/USGA Rules of Golf Seminar.


Current FSGA Certified Rules Officials

Click here to view FSGA Certified Officials and Senior Rules Officials.

Tournament Chairman

Tournament Chairmen (TC's) are amazingly competent officials that have demonstrated the ability to fully administer and conduct qualifying events on behalf of the Florida State Golf Association and the USGA. Their duties include course set-up, developing Local Rules, coordinating with club officials, leading volunteers, and fully conducting the event. Each tournament has a Tournament Chairman, whether they be a staff member or volunteer, and in every case, the TC has complete responsibility for ensuring an exceptional and equitable competition is conducted.  Volunteer officials are invited to become Tournament Chairmen after several seasons of proven volunteer service.

Click here to view all Volunteer Tournament Chairmen

PGA/USGA Rules of Golf Workshop Reimbursement

The FSGA will reimburse the cost of the PGA/USGA Rules of Golf Workshop (virtual or in-person) fee for any Tournament Chairman, Rules Official or Senior Rules Official once every three years (every three testing seasons).There is no score requirement; however, the test must be taken and a copy of the exam results be submitted to the FSGA. The FSGA Volunteer must be a Tournament Chairman, Rules Official or Senior Rules Official at the time the exam is completed.

Beginning for the 2022-2023 testing season, the timeframe for PGA/USGA Rules of Golf Workshop reimbursements will be changed to every three years for Tournament Chairmen, and certified Rules Officials and Senior Rules Officials.

To request a reimbursement, please email Darin Green,, a receipt showing the amount paid and your exam results.

If you have any questions or would like to receive any additional information about becoming an FSGA Tournament Volunteer, please feel free to contact Tracy Dachisen at the FSGA at (813) 868-5816 or