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About the Florida Junior Tour

The Florida Junior Tour (FJT) is the premier championship series in the Southeast for junior golfers.  Conducted by the Florida State Golf Association, the FJT events are professionally conducted on many of the state's finest venues.

Competitors in FJT events are very accomplished, we encourage you to review the results from prior tournaments to gain an accurate assessment of the strengths of tournament fields.

Thank you for considering the FJT - we look forward to a great season!


The FJT is open to amateur junior golfers, ages 9-18. Florida residency is NOT required. 

You can compete on the Tour as long as you have not completed high school AND started attending college full time (12 credit hours). Which can take college classes while you're still in high school, but once you graduate from high school and enroll in college full time you become ineligible. If you bomb out of college and want to come back and play it's too late - you should have studied more!

In the 13-15 age division, the FJT reserves the right to grant conditional status to players younger than 13 if they have demonstrated exceptional playing capability in other junior tournaments or their performance in the 9-12 age division of the Florida Junior Tour.

Players must be at least 9 years old to compete in Florida Junior Tour events. There are no exceptions!

See the complete policy here

Age Divisions

  • 16-18 Boys and Girls
  • 13-15 Boys and Girls 
  • 11-12 Boys and Girls
  • 9-10 Boys and Girls

Age is determined by the last day of each tournament.

Please see Tournament Policies for more information.

Approximate Yardages

  • Boys 16-18 - 7,000 yards
  • Girls 16-18 - 6,000 yards
  • Boys 13-15 - 6,700 yards
  • Girls 13-15 - 5,700 yards
  • Boys 11-12 - 5,500 yards
  • Girls 11-12 - 5,000 yards
  • Boys 9-10 - 5,000 yards
  • Girls 9-10 - 4,200 yards

Tees are not set until the tournament staff arrives on site. Tournament set up can change, including yardages, to offset inclement weather or other course conditions (i.e. wet course conditions).


A FSGA junior membership (includes GHIN handicap) is required to submit an entry for any Florida Junior Tour event. A membership is not required to play the Boys' and Girls' Junior Championships and all other state championships for juniors.

A membership is valid for one season. Each season begins on January 1st and ends on December 31st.

Membership Includes:

  • Eligibility to enter all FSGA & FJT competitions
  • FJT logo golf hat
  • FSGA/FJT bag tag with name and high school graduation year
    (Bag tag is for new members. Replacement bag tag costs $7)
  • Clicgear Sand Bottles
  • FJT logo car magnet
  • FJT logo stickers

ex. Players may sign up for membership before their 13th birthday; however, they must be at least 13 years of age to participate in an FJT 13-15 event. You may enter a tournament provided you turn 13 by the last day of the event. 

Tournament Entry Fees

Membership Requirements: A FSGA junior membership is required to submit an entry for all age divisions. Junior members will also need to have an active Florida GHIN handicap in order to play in an event. If the junior member does not have an active Florida GHIN handicap, the FSGA will provide a free GHIN to that player that will remain active for the duration of their membership.

Entry Fees: 

  • 9-12 Events: $75
  • 36-hole Events: $130-170
  • 54-hole Events: $210

*Tournament entry fee may change based on time of year and venue.* 

Tee Times

Your tee time, groups and other updates will be posted on the FSGA website shortly after the entry deadline. It is your responsibility to visit the website to determine your tee time and other tournament information.

Your Name and Likeness

By joining the FJT you grant the FJT and the FSGA the permanent rights to use your name or likeness for publicity and promotional purposes. Hey, we are proud of you and we want to send your information out to the media and we want to show your picture on our website. Oh, and after you become a rich and famous PGA professional making a gazillion dollars each year - we still get to show pictures of you when you were playing in our events. FJT members’ names and likenesses will be protected for amateur status and eligibility requirements under the guidelines of the USGA and the NCAA.

Thank you for your interest in joining the Florida Junior Tour. We hope to see you at one of our events.