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FSGA Club Membership

The FSGA provides a variety of services to its member clubs, their members, and the general golfing community of Florida.  Services are provided through the executive staff and approximately 500 individual volunteers all over the state.  These services include: 

Annual FSGA Club Membership

All golf clubs in Florida are required to join the FSGA based on the following fee structure:

GHIN Member Club

    • $200.00 per 18 holes

    • $5.00 per hole above 18 holes

    • Club fees will be capped at a total of $290.00 for a multi-course facility in 2024

Non-GHIN Member Club

    • $220.00 per club

Club without Real Estate, Driving Ranges, Golf Retail Shops

    • $50.00

FSGA Club Membership fees paid to the FSGA include the following services:

  • Championships – Over 650 days of competition are provided by the FSGA Tournament Department including 38 State Championships and over 45 days of USGA events.  Competitions include events for golfers of all ages and abilities.  The Competitions Department also conducts rules and tournament procedure workshops and assists clubs with course marking and rules interpretation.

  • Hosting – Member clubs have the potential to host USGA Qualifiers, FSGA Championships and Qualifiers, FSGA One Day Events, Florida Junior Tour Events and Public and Private Educational Seminars.

  • Interclub – Entry into FSGA Interclub Matches.  The Interclub season includes a six-week regular season, two rounds of playoffs, and a State Championship for both Men and Women.

  • Course Rating and Measurement – The FSGA Course Rating Department is the busiest in the nation.  Each year, FSGA rating teams measure and rate ~ 150 courses and process almost 300 ratings, using strict USGA guidelines.  Florida’s master course raters also conduct seminars on course rating and measurement several times a year.  Course Rating and Measurement fees can be viewed here.

  • Course Rating Publication - Membership is required for the publication of each club's Official Course Rating(s) for the posting of scores for members and guests.

  • Club Staff Technical Support – Technical support for club staff members that use GHIN and Golf Genius.  This includes phone, email, and chat support.

  • Handicap Administration Assistance – Support for clubs administering handicaps to their members including questions on the World Handicap System and Handicap Committee Compliance.
  • Individual Member Program – The FSGA has more than 5,500 individual members. Five levels of membership are available with varying amenities based on membership level.

  • Junior Golf Programs – The FSGA conducts the Boys and Girls Junior Championship, the Florida Junior Tour, the Parent-Child Championship and administers the Florida State High School Golf Championships. 

  • Scholarships – The FSGA annually awards the Clarence Camp Scholarship to deserving young men and women in Florida to attend colleges and universities.

  • Turfgrass Research – The Calvin L. Korf Turfgrass Research Program supports scholarships, fellowships and research programs at the University of Florida, Ft. Lauderdale, Research and Education Center in turfgrass studies.   The programs continue to develop environmentally friendly methods of combating problems unique to our area. 

  • Publications and Information – The Association offers Ratings and Rulings newsletter, Inside the FSGA, The Member’s Guide, calendars, schedules, entry forms, bulletins, and other golf related literature.  The FSGA also maintains a web site ( for the convenience of golfers everywhere. 

  • Rules of Golf & Rules of Handicapping Services – The FSGA conducts sanctioned Rules of Golf and Rules of Handicapping workshops throughout the state annually.  We answer rules disputes and handicapping related issues under the direction of nationally recognized officials. 

  • Internship in Golf Administration – The FSGA has implemented a year-long internship program in golf administration education and training program through the USGA’s P.J. Boatwright Jr. Internship Program. 

  • USGA Liaison – the FSGA monitors national issues, processes reinstatements to amateur status, and conducts more qualifying rounds for the USGA than any other state. 

Annual GHIN Membership

GHIN member clubs are billed three times per year based on the number of active members on the club’s GHIN roster.  The fees paid to the FSGA, on behalf of the active roster, include the following services:

  • GHIN Admin Portal – Your website to administer your roster and manage your club.

  • GHIN Score Entry Kiosk Portal – Website dedicated to allowing your members to post their scores via a posting station located at the facility.

  • GHIN Mobile App – The most popular method of posting scores for your membership.  This free app is available for both Android and IOS devices.

  • Tournament Management Software – Golf Genius - Clubs are required to have a set minimum number of golfers to access Golf Genius.

  • Member Customer Support - All FSGA GHIN members that contact the FSGA directly rather than their home club are supported by the association.

  • Handicap Service – The Golf Handicap and Information Network (GHIN) is promoted and supported by the FSGA Handicap Department.  Currently, there are more than 800 Florida clubs with over 335,000 individuals utilizing the GHIN Handicapping Service.