Kingsway CC (13-15)

Florida Junior Tour
Random Draw and Alternates List
Exempt Players
Exempt players were entered into the field on a first-come, first-served basis up to the
limit of 70% of the field. Entries submitted by exempt players after the limit was reached
were placed in the random draw pool. If the exempt limit was not reached, the remaining
spots were added to the random draw.
Random Draw
After the close of entries a random draw was conducted to fill spots not taken by exempt
players and to establish an alternates list. All non-exempt players were automatically
placed in the random draw pool of entries. Exempt players entering after the exempt limit
was reached were included in the random draw pool.
Where do the random numbers come from?
Each player in the draw was assigned a computer-generated random number between 0 and
100. These random numbers were then ranked, with the highest numbers receiving entry
into the field. All remaining players were placed on an alternates list in order of the rankings
Results of Random Draw
Status, or Generated
Your State / Random
Alternate # First Last City Country Number
Accepted Nicolas Otero Orlando FL 97.80186
Accepted Greyson Porter Clearwater FL 94.32149
Accepted Chandler Morris Clearwater Beach FL 91.54652
Accepted Andrew Hammett Bradenton FL 90.40638
Accepted Kyle Kidd Crystal River FL 88.29662
Accepted Charlie Dubiel North Palm Beach FL 87.87498
Accepted Lucas Parrett Orlando FL 86.56134
Accepted Tyler Strafaci Davie FL 85.99106
Accepted Spencer Alexander Port Charlotte FL 85.70724
Accepted Andrew Kozan Palm Beach Gardens FL 82.16135
Accepted Michael Spinger Trinity FL 79.77408
Accepted Jacques Celestino Sarasota FL 77.25371
Accepted Charlie Kennerly Jupiter FL 77.15337
Accepted Blake Dyer Saint Petersburg FL 65.41369
Accepted Manuel Diaz Gainesville FL 64.73095
Accepted William Wrigley Winter Garden FL 64.58674
Accepted Barry McDonnell Bradenton FL 62.67710
Accepted Yuki Fujii Rotonda West FL 59.58166
Accepted John Coultas Valrico FL 57.76780
Accepted Jeremy Perna Sarasota FL 57.03047
Accepted Sam Madsen Pompano Beach FL 55.91063
Accepted Christophe Stutts Maitland FL 55.25276
Accepted Stefano Butti Palm City FL 52.05215
Accepted Tucker Fuiks Lakewood Ranch FL 51.68184
Accepted Hamilton Long Palm Beach Gardens FL 46.11068
Accepted Kaleb Johnson Naples FL 43.42755
Accepted Eric Costa Largo FL 42.90027
Accepted Zachary Hoskins Orlando FL 41.07249
Accepted Robert Eisch Tampa FL 40.27548
Accepted Sully Zagerman Windermere FL 32.60097
Accepted Charles Sun Bradenton FL 29.54876
Accepted Parker Remig Gulf Breeze FL 28.42992
Accepted Kyle Shealy Saint Petersburg FL 24.79953
Accepted Jeffrey Cunningham West Palm Beach FL 21.07763
Accepted Ryan Hicks Clearwater FL 19.72581
Accepted Patrick Mills Tampa FL 15.57987
Accepted Mark Iwinski Fort Myers FL 12.68368
Accepted Yui Fujii Rotonda West Fl 12.26867
Accepted Leonardo Coll Fort Lauderdale FL 11.34994
Accepted Tate Smith Port Charlotte FL 11.05517
Accepted Connor Campbell Belleair Bluffs FL 10.71200
Accepted Michael Adams Estero FL 5.75578
Accepted Shane Stockings Pinellas Park FL Late Entry
Accepted Jack Baker Jacksonville FL Late Entry
Accepted Zack Justice Orlando FL Late Entry
Accepted Tyler Allen Gainesville FL Late Entry
Accepted Shanren Brienen Orlando FL Late Entry
Accepted Anton Serafini Lake Mary FL Late Entry
Accepted Julian Plourde Sanford FL Late Entry
Accepted Michael Keymont Orlando FL Late Entry
13 exempt boys and 43 non-exempt boys accepted into the original field
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