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About Women's One-Day Events

FSGA Women's One-Days is a series of team events just for women. Women with an active Florida GHIN handicap index of 34.0 index or less are eligible to compete in a friendly competition on great courses around the state.


  • 18 holes of net and gross stroke play within flights
  • Either four-ball or 2-person scramble will be played
  • Each player will use their playing handicap for the day (see below for handicap allowances and calculation)
  • Handicap Indexes will be taken from the close of entry date
  • Payout will be NET, then Gross. Gross payout begins when 4 teams are in the flight.
  • Maximum score of 10 per hole is in effect
  • Local Rule: E-5 Alternative to Stroke & Distance for Lost Ball or Ball Out of Bounds is in effect

Course Handicap & Playing Handicap Calculation **NEW 2020**

  • Course Handicap = Handicap Index x (Slope Rating / 113) + (Course Rating – Par)
  • Playing Handicap = Course Handicap x Handicap Allowance
    • Handicap Allowance in Four-Ball Stroke Play = 85% of players course handicap
    • Handicap Allowance in 2-Person Scramble Play = 35% of low players course handicap, 15% of high players course handicap 

Entry Fee

  • Varies based on host facility.
  • Includes cart, golf, range balls and prizes ($10 of each player's entry fee goes towards gift certificate prizes)

Divisions and Approximate Yardages

*All yardages are approximate and vary based on the host facility

  • Women's Middle Division - 5,100-5,300 yards
  • Women's Forward Division - 4,800-5,000 yards


  • Each division will be pre-flighted based on combined team handicap as of the close of entries.
  • Generally, divisions of more than 12 teams will be pre-flighted. Flights will be based on the number of teams and the range of combined team handicaps. 

Playing With Friends

Pairing requests are encouraged; play with your friends! Email pairing requests to (specify the date, location and full names of the players you would like to paired with). Pairing requests must be emailed five or more days before the event to guarantee pairing.


  • Female Amateur golfers (18 years of age or older) with a Florida GHIN handicap index of 34.0 or less. All players MUST have a FL GHIN handicap index
  • Players who do not have a Florida GHIN handicap index may purchase a handicap online for $40. Click here for more information on purchasing an on-line GHIN handicap.

Tie Breaking Procedures

Tie-Breaks will be done by USGA scorecard match. The last 9 holes will be considered holes 10-18, the last 6 holes will be holes 13-18, the last 3 holes will be holes 16-18 and the last hole will be hole 18. In the case that players are still tied after the 18th hole, the winner will be determined by lot. The Women's division will pay net first then gross, since these are net competitions.

Entries, Tee Times and Results

  • All entries must be submitted through the FSGA website with appropriate payment by 11:30 pm of the closing date
  • Late entries will be accepted based on availability. Any late entrant that gains acceptance into the field will be subject to a $10 late entry fee
  • Groupings and hole assignment are posted approximately three days before the event
  • FSGA does not pair up players for team events.
  • Results will be posted on the FSGA website
  • The FSGA will post each players' score to their GHIN account for individual events only.

Exceptional Performance

The FSGA is extremely proactive in making sure net competitions are fair for all players competing. Everyone in golf has experienced problems with players who have handicaps that are “less than representative of that player’s true playing ability”. An occasional exceptional round that is 3-4 strokes better than your handicap is not out of the ordinary. However, two or more exceptional performances, or an individual performance of 7 or more strokes better than your handicap, defies the odds of handicapping statistics and defeats the very purpose of net competitions.

Accordingly, if a player submits a score with a differential of 7.0 to 9.9 strokes below their current handicap index, an automatic reduction of -1.0 is applied to the most recent 20 score differentials. In these certain instances, the FSGA Committee may also elect to not accept a player's score for that event. Additionally, if a player shoots 10.0 or more strokes below their current index, a -2.0 reduction is applied to the most recent 20 score differentials. These automatic reductions have been put in place by the World Handicapping System, and will be in effect for all One-Day competitions.

The Committee reserves the right to refuse future entries from a person suspected of competing in events with an illegitimate handicap.

To view more information on the new exceptional score policy, please view Rule 5 in the World Handicap System manual by clicking here.

Handicap Reduction Policy

As the governing body of golf in Florida, it is our responsibility to monitor the results posted in each one-day event around the state. The Committee constantly reviews player performance in relation to their handicap as well as where each player finishes in their respective one-day division.

Posting multiple rounds well below your handicap and/or consistently winning gift certificates at events will often result in a handicap reduction. It is statistically improbable for players to win or finish "in the money" more than 30 percent of the time.

Any player subject to handicap reduction will be reduced using the following policy guidelines:

  • All handicap differentials from the current year's event results will be recorded and organized from the lowest differential to the highest differential.
  • In order to determine the player's new handicap index, only the lowest half (50 percent) of the player's scores will be used and averaged together to find a new number.
    • Example: If a player has played in 13 events, only the lowest 6 differentials will be used (remainders of .5 will always be rounded down to the nearest whole number).
  • The average differential will then be reduced an extra 20 percent to find the player's new handicap index.

This handicap index will be the competitor's playing index in all net events until the end of the calendar year. This index will not be higher, but may go lower based on the player's performance for the remainder of the season. At the end of the year, the Committee will review the player's overall performance and determine if an adjustment is necessary for the following year. 

The FSGA reserves the right to modify the handicap reduction policy referenced above.

Withdraw & Refund Policy

Withdrawals received prior to the entry closing date will receive a full refund, less a $20 per entry administration fee. Withdrawals received after the closing date will receive a 50% refund. Withdrawals received within 2 days prior to the event will not receive a refund. Players will not be able to transfer sites.

Pace of Play

A group is considered out of position when the group is (a) taking more than the allotted time to play and (b) finishes any hole more than fifteen minutes behind the group ahead.

First breach - Warning
Second breach - One stroke penalty
Third breach - Two stroke penalty

Weather Shortened Events

When inclement weather causes a round to be shortened, the FSGA will do what is most fair to determine who wins prizes. Nine holes played may constitute an official event, even if all players did not play the same nine holes.

The FSGA will do everything possible to complete the round that day. Entry fees will generally not be refunded, but if only a few holes are played, rain checks, refunds or rescheduling the event will all be considered.

Please note that events are being held during the rainy season in Florida and conditions may dictate cart paths only.

Spectator Cart Policy

Based upon availability, spectators may be authorized to rent carts, but must follow the published policy (Click here).

Fun times with friends on great golf courses is the main purpose of the Women's One-Day Events;
the competition aspect is secondary.