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2024 Handicap Committee Guide

**New** Handicap Committee Guide for 2024 being released in the 1st Qtr of 2024!


The role of your club's Handicap Committee is crucial in ensuring that all competitions and events are run fair and equitably at your club.  This requires a vast knowledge of the Rules of Handicapping and compliance within it's guidelines.  

The USGA outlines this information for each club to follow to ensure that the next time you play in an interclub or a member-guest, that all participants are on a level playing ground.

Here is their outline:

1. Establish a Handicap Committee.  (The Handicap Committee within the golf club is responsible for all aspects of the World Handicap System, including the computation of each member’s Handicap Index. The Handicap Committee must verify that all acceptable scores are reported for handicap purposes, and that recorded scores are available for peer review.)

Once established, they will also oversee the following.

2. Ensure the club meets the definition of a Golf Club. 

3. Know the Rules of Handicapping. 

4. Educate and communicate the Rules of Handicapping to members. 

5. Ensure course details are accurate (Type 1 Club). 

6. Make the process of converting a Handicap Index to a Course Handicap™ as easy as possible.

7. Facilitate the timely submission of scores. 

8. Maintain accurate player scoring records. 

9. Apply applicable penalty scores and adjust the Handicap Index of any member whose Handicap Index does not reflect their demonstrated ability. 

10. Perform annual handicap reviews.


View the 2020-2023 Handicap Committee Guide here.