USGA Rules of Golf Examination

The USGA and the FSGA administer Rules of Golf Exams that are considered the national standard for assessing Rules of Golf knowledge. The FSGA uses the results from these exams as part of the criteria for becoming a "Certified Rules Official" or a "Senior Rules Official".

USGA 100 Question Exam - Each year, the USGA and PGA conduct 3 1/2 day Rules of Golf Workshops throughout the country. These workshops are conducted in the first quarter of the year and Florida is generally the site for two or three of these workshops. At these workshops, participants may take a 100-question exam or an 80-question exam. These workshops are the only location where the 100-question exam may be taken. Each fall, the USGA/PGA Workshops become available for sign-up at the USGA website and the cost is $350. You may also register for the exam only for $100.

100-Question Exam Results: Achieving a score of 90% or higher results in the designation of Expert Rules Certification; scoring 75%-89% results in the designation of Advanced Rules Certification

USGA 80-Question Exam - The 80-question exam may be taken at a USGA/PGA Workshop OR at one of several exam sites and days administered throughout Florida by the Florida State Golf Association. The cost to take the FSGA administered test is $35 for the public; $10 for FSGA Volunteers

80-Question Exam Results - Achieving a score of 87.5% or higher (70 out of 80 questions) results in the designation of Advanced Rules Certification

The exam consists of 80 questions, each with four possible answers, testing the fundamental understanding of participants' knowledge of the Rules of Golf, definitions, and interpretations. Part I (questions 1-40) is closed book, no reference materials are allowed while answering these questions. Part II (questions 41-80) is open book and open notes, however the use of electronic reference materials (including but not limited to personal computers, smart phones, iPads and the like) is prohibited. Each participant is allowed a maximum of three and one-half (3 1/2) hours to complete the test.

  • When administered by the PGA/USGA, a review is conducted immediately following the examination.
  • When administered by the FSGA, answer sheets are immediately sent directly to the USGA for grading. No review of the examination is held. The USGA will notify all participants by email of the results of the test.
  • Individuals may take the 80-question exam AND the 100 question exam in the same calendar year, but each exam may only be taken once per year.

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