Southeastern Challenge Match - 2010

Florida - 25  Georgia - 22 1/2  Alabama - 15 1/2

Florida Team Pictured Above

Complete Results

Lost Tree Club - North Palm Beach, FL

Team Rosters

 Alabama Florida Georgia
Bob Dumas
Steve Anderson
Larry Clark
Freeman Fite
Pete Andrews
Adam Cooper
Lance Goodson
Don Bell
Chris Hall
Mike Greer
Bobby Bird

Jack Hall

John Hanson
Steve Carter
Doug Hanzel
Matt Johnson
Kelly Gosse
Greg Kennedy
Vic Kyatt
Tim Hume
David Noll
Ralph Mathews
RJ Nakashian
Spencer Sappington
Robert Nelson
Doug Snoap
Wes Spannuth
Dave Stanfield
Jon Veneziano
 Mark Strickland
Jeff Taylor
Pete WIlliams
Tevis Upton
Mark Woods
Rick Woulfe
Dave Womack
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