2019 Rules of Golf

Please review the following information regarding the new changes within the 2019 Rules of Golf which will apply to all FSGA events.
Putting Green
  • Players are now allowed to:
    • Leave the flagstick in while putting
    • Fix spike marks
    • Replace their ball (or ball mark) after ANY accidental movement
Penalty Areas
  • All drops must be made from knee height and stay within the relief area
  • Longest club (other than a putter) must be used to determine relief area
  • Players are now allowed to:
    • Ground their club
    • Move loose impediments
    • Take practice swings
  • Players are no longer granted opposite margin relief
  • If you drop improperly (shoulder height) or in a wrong place (outside of relief area) just pick up the ball and drop again properly. The penalty would not apply until the stroke is made after an improper drop.
  • Players are now allowed to:
    • Move loose impediments
    • Take the ball out of the bunker for an ADDITIONAL stroke while taking unplayable ball relief (Total of 2 strokes)
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  • Further explore the major rules changes in 2019 (Here)

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