Check Point Pace of Play

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The Checkpoint Official must accurately record the time the flagstick is replaced in the hole and be in position to notify any group in breach of the Pace of Play Policy.

The Checkpoint Official should position himself to have a clear view of the putting green of the checkpoint hole. He may still be able to view other holes on the course and assist when necessary. However, the Checkpoint Official must be
in position to notify any group when they are in breach of the Pace of Play Policy at the checkpoint hole.Checkpoint


  • Make sure to familiarize yourself with our Pace of Play policy prior to the event
  • Arrive at the checkpoint hole early as the first group is often 15-20 minutes ahead of pace
  • Park your golf cart in a position where you can see the flagstick being placed in the hole, but out of the way of play
  • Always stick to the policy
  • Record the time that the group replaces the flagstick in the hole
  • Alert the Tournament Chairman when you observe a group about to be in breach of the Pace of Play Policy
  • The first group off either tee is in breach of the Pace of Play Policy if it exceeds the allotted time at any checkpoint until it reaches (within 15 minutes) a group ahead
  • There is no breach if the actual time is equal to or earlier than the allotted or within fifteen minutes of the the time the group ahead replaces the flag in the hole
  • If the actual time is later than the allotted time and more than fifteen minutes after the preceding group, you MUST notify the group that they are in breach of the Pace of Play policy
  • If a player or players in the group disagree or complain, inform them that they may appeal the penalty in the scoring area. They must continue playing, not arguing. All appeals will only be dealt with in scoring
  • Make sure to alert the Tournament Chairmen of the violation. He may approach the group.
  • Make sure that you are recording all times in the correct boxes for each group
  • Remember to record the completion time for each group and add 15 minutes to the next group to determine their target time

Additional Pace of Play Practices

Below are some general suggestions and practices throughout the day officiating in regards to Pace of Play:

  • Never speak to a group about pace unless the Tournament Chairman directs you to do so.
  • There are NO warnings.
  • Only the Tournament Chairman has the authority to speak to a group.
  • Never tell a group to “pick it up”.
  • If a group asks about their position, respond with the facts. "Your group finished the last hole 3 minutes over the time par and 17 minutes behind the group ahead."
  • Never respond with "Your group is OK."
  • If a group finishes on time, nothing needs to be said unless they ask
  • Alert the Tournament Chairmen when all groups have completed your checkpoint

Printable Page - Checkpoint Pace of Play Procedures

Championship Pace of Play Policy 

Sample Checkpoint Sheet

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