FSGA Existence Threatened

The Florida State Golf Association and the Florida Junior Tour face a significant threat to all of the programs that are provided to amateur golfers.  Regrettably, the North Florida Section of the PGA has aligned themselves with a handicap company, and are now pressuring their member golf professionals to take away golfers' GHIN handicaps.  The PGA section in North Florida is encouraging clubs to abandon their membership in the FSGA. 

Reportedly, the section office intends to use handicap revenue to increase purses in the section golf tournaments held for golf professionals.

The FSGA has a long and close relationship with the golf professionals of Florida, and we have already heard from dozens of PGA members who are shocked by the section's actions. We strongly support the PGA members of North Florida and regret that they have been put in a position of potential conflict with their members and golfers.

Regrettably, without the support of GHIN members, the FSGA would not be able to exist. One hundred years of history and service to the game would be a terrible thing to waste...

Following is an message of further explanation that is being delivered to the GHIN handicap members of North Florida.

Also linked is a video explaining the implications of this hostile act against the FSGA.


Dear Amateur Golfers and Golf Professionals,

Please watch an important video from the Florida State Golf Association concerning YOUR handicap

Click here for Video - And please forward this message to your friends, club officials and golf professional

The Florida State Golf Association needs your help and support.  The golf professionals at your club are being pressured to make a decision that may be bad for you, bad for your club, and that could cripple the Florida State Golf Association.  Your professional is being pressured to take away your GHIN handicap, and they need your support to avoid this bad decision that significantly affects you and your friends.  (And for the golf professionals that wouldn't consider abandoning the FSGA - thank them very much)

Recently, the North Florida Section of the PGA has virtually ordered your professional to take away your GHIN handicap and abandon the FSGA (The North FL. PGA is a trade organization for golf professionals only).  The "section office" wants to replace your GHIN handicap with another vendor so they can keep the money. Your professional is being bombed with relentless emails and is in a difficult position, with a potential conflict of interest. They need your support!  Tell your golf professional that you want to keep your GHIN handicap, and have your professional tell the section office "NO"!  The FSGA has tremendous relationships with golf professionals and it's shocking that their section office has launched this surprise assault on your handicap and your membership in the FSGA.

GHIN System - Facts - You are a member of the GHIN handicap system and the Florida State Golf Association. You have a GHIN handicap issued by the USGA and the FSGA - the organizations that represent amateur golfers. The GHIN system is the largest and most widely recognized handicap system in the world and used by 2.3 million golfers at 14,000 clubs in the US.  Your GHIN membership supports amateur and junior golf in Florida.

The "other" System
- This "other" handicap system being discussed, was recently removed from the clubs of the North and South Carolina Golf Associations, the Arizona GA,  Southern Nevada GA and the Louisiana State GA (2014).   Why would nearly a thousand clubs and more than 180,000 members leave?   Is this a system your club should consider?   Is this what you want for your handicap?  Should your club turn away from supporting amateur golf, and instead support prize money for PGA section events?  Isn't your professional being pushed into a conflict of interest?   Wouldn't you rather keep your GHIN handicap, the largest, most respected handicap system in the world?

The Money Grab
- Why would the North FL. PGA Section push this system? - THE MONEY OF COURSE.  Don't blame your golf professional - it's the section office that's the issue.  The FSGA has the greatest respect for the golf professionals of this state, but we do not believe your handicap dollars should be used to increase the purses at golf tournaments for golf professionals.  We believe you would rather support junior golf, the First Tee programs and the rules and traditions of the game.  The PGA Section office represents professional golfers; their claims that they will now suddenly assume all responsibilities for amateur golf is just that - a claim.  Don't let down the thousands of junior golfers and amateurs that depend on the support of the FSGA.

Email and call your professional and your club's management and tell them that you want to remain on the GHIN handicap system.  Stress that you believe in amateur golf, junior golf, rules education and all the services that YOUR membership and the GHIN handicap system supports.  


  • Do NOT  let your professional be bullied into a bad decision
  • Do NOT  allow a decision that's bad for your club
  • Do NOT  allow a decision that's bad for  amateur golf
  • Do NOT  allow a decision to happen without your approval
  • Do NOT  abandon your club's participation in GHIN and the FSGA

DO - what is best for you, your club and the great game we love - support your professional and tell him you don't want to lose your GHIN handicap or your membership in the FSGA!

You and Your Club Deserve the BEST Handicap System!
  • GHIN is the largest handicap system in the world and used by more than 90% of the country (2.3 million golfers at 14,000 golf courses)
  • GHIN is the only handicap service owned and supported by the USGA
  • GHIN is the most recognized and respected handicap service available
  • GHIN is the BEST system for your club to use to ensure accurate handicaps and excellent tournaments
  • FSGA  Largest state golf association in the country
  • FSGA  450 days of competition for juniors, women and men every year
  • FSGA  28 Junior Tour Tournaments and 6 Junior State Championships; Finest Junior Tour in the country -highly affordable
  • FSGA  9 Women's State Championships
  • FSGA  21 Men's State Championships
  • FSGA  48 qualifiers for the USGA National Championships (more than any other organization)
  • FSGA  Scholarships to juniors and club employees ($50,000+ per year)
  • FSGA  State High School Golf Championships and College Tournaments
  • FSGA  500 volunteers that run competitions, guide junior programs and rate golf courses
  • FSGA  $700,000 of directed support to local junior golf programs and First Tee Programs each year
  • FSGA  Course Ratings - 200 golf course a year to ensure accurate handicaps
  • FSGA  Celebrating 100 years of service to golfers and golf clubs of Florida

PLEASE ACT - Call and email the professional, GM and staff at your club as soon as possible.   Forward this email to as many people at your club as possible, or carry a printed copy to discuss.  (not everyone at your club will have received this directly from us)

Thank you very much for your support.  We need it now more than ever.

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