GHIN Handicapping FAQ's

Please look through the list of FAQ’s concerning the GHIN handicap system, most common issues are answered in this document.

Q: I have made a mistake posting a score online at, how can this be fixed?  Or there are multiple entries with the same date in my scoring record.
A:  Please notify your GHIN club of any errors in your scoring record and they will be able to correct them for you.

Q:  I am a member of a golf club and posted scores online through   When I tried to look up my handicap today, I received a response of, "GHIN Number not found."  I checked the number from my card and it is the correct number.  Is there something wrong?
A:  Many clubs "inactivate" their rosters when a new season or year starts.  This prevents the club from accidentally being billed for someone who is not returning to the club this year/season.  Most often, a visit to your club and payment of membership fees for this year/season will get the ball rolling.  The club will then activate your record.  Until the club transmits this activation, your record will not be available on

Q:  I would like to find a club in my area that offers the GHIN handicap system.
A: Please call our office at 813.632.3742 and we will be able to provide you with the names of some clubs in your area that offer the GHIN handicap system. 

Q:  I was just added to the GHIN system, when will I have an official handicap?
A:  Assuming your club added you and transmitted your record properly, handicaps are updated on the first and fifteenth of every month in Florida.  For a complete list of dates please click here

Q:  My club recently assigned me a GHIN number. Should I be able to see my Handicap Index® and/or post online immediately?    
A:  The club may not have submitted the data or "transmitted" it to the GHIN database.  It is somewhat like a check, which has not been cashed yet. If the club has not transmitted the data to GHIN, accessing will not result in any success.

Q:  The club did transmit my data in the above scenario.  Should I be able to see my Handicap Index®?
A:  Your Handicap Index® is updated according to a revision schedule set by the regional golf association in your area.  The general handicap lookup is a snapshot of scores that were in your scoring record prior to that effective revision date.  So, if you were added on June 10, but the last revision in your area was June 5, then no Handicap Index® will appear on until after the next revision, but recently posted scores can be accessed via the "View 20 Most Recent" link. 

Q:  I am trying to post a score online but it will not give me the correct date on the website.
A:  Please adjust the time and date on your computer by right clicking on your time display, this will fix this error.

Q:  I was newly added to my club and the club transmitted to GHIN.  Should I be able to post scores online?
A:  If the data has been transmitted, your record has been sent to GHIN and you should be able to post online.  However, just because your information has been sent to GHIN, does not guarantee that you can post scores online.  Each golf club independently makes the decision as to whether its members may post online.  If you get the message, "Not a member of a club that allows Internet Posting",  your club has either decided not to accept scores online or has done nothing to activate that feature.  If the club wants to allow Internet Posting, it needs to notify the regional golf association from which it receives the GHIN service.

Q:  I posted a score online today, but went to and could not see that score.  What happened?
A:  The initial Handicap lookup screen is a snapshot tied to a revision date - that screen will not show recently posted scores.  However, if you click on the image link entitled "View 20 Most Recent" just above your scoring record, you will see a snapshot of what is in the database at this moment.  The score that you posted online should appear there.

Q:  I have two different GHIN numbers, what should I do?
A:  Please contact Kevin Kasubinski at our office with both GHIN numbers and he will merge the two accounts for you.  Please let Aaron know what GHIN number you would like to keep active.

Q:  Does allow me to look up a Handicap Index® for anyone in the country who has a Handicap Index®?
A:  No. There are many computation services assisting in the issuance of a Handicap Index®.  The GHIN database is comprised of golfers using the GHIN service.

Q:  When accessing Handicap Lookup on via a Quick Link, Bookmark or link from a GHIN Association Web site, the following error occurs. Status: 502 Bad GatewayDescription The origin web server encountered an unexpected condition which prevented it from fulfilling the request. Please try your request again.
A:  The bookmarked Web page may have the incorrect URL. The correct URL is noted below. Notice that "lookup" is singular. In the old address it was plural.
- OR -
Access Handicap Lookup via the homepage.

Q:  Our club is currently on GHIN and I need to order supplies for the program.
A:  Please email Kevin Kasubinski and he will be able to complete your supply order.

Q:  The club I represent is interested in converting to the GHIN handicap system.
A:  Please contact Kevin Kasubinski at the FSGA office, he will be able to provide you with the information you need to convert to the GHIN handicap system and be a full member club of the FSGA.  Our number is 813.632.3742.

If you were not able to find the help you needed please email Kevin Kasubinski.

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