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Men's Interclub FAQ

Who Can Play?

1.) Men who were listed on your club's handicap list as of January 1 of the current Championship year

2.) Handicap index less than 18.4

3.) At least 18 years old

What is the cost?

There is a $150 per team entry fee per season. The home team is required to host greens fees, and cart fees are at the host club's discretion (Recommended to not charge over 30 dollars).

What is the format? The teams will play a four-ball match against the opposing team members. A team consists of eight (8) players. Nassau Scored,  2 points each for the front, back and total.

How will the players be paired? Players from each club will be paired in Lowest Handicap sequence from low to high including the two man teams, with the lowest handicap player listed first.

Can we form our own groups? Yes. During the sign-up period, four clubs from the same general area may all mutually agree to form a group and this group structure will be respected by the FSGA committee.  To meet this condition, all four clubs must agree to be a group, they must all sign up prior to the entry deadline, and the FSGA must be informed in writing (email) prior to the entry deadline.

Team Size & Player Frequency

How many players can be on my team?Your team size is unlimited and these players may participate in the matches at anytime during the season. 

How often do players have to play? Players can be used at anytime during the season, but must have competed in a minimum of two matches. The two matches can be played at any time in the season and do not have to be one regular season match and one playoff match (i.e. it is okay to play in two regular season matches and no playoff matches). 

Who is eligible for the playoff matches? Only players on the roster who have played in one regular season match can play.

Match Schedule & Match Completion

When do the matches start?

Matches start in January and continue through March (including playoffs and State Championship)

When are the matches played? Generally matches are played on Thursday afternoons. However, if both Team Captains agree, the match can occur any day or time prior to the scheduled match day. If teams cannot agree on an alternative date, the match should be played on the scheduled Thursday.

How many matches do we play? 
Teams will play six matches during the regular season, three home and three away matches.

What if my group only has three teams, do we still play six matches? No.  In the event that a group only has three teams, each team will play the other two teams in the group twice--once home and once away over the six week regular season.  Teams from groups of three will play only four matches, and each team will also have two weeks on the schedule where they will not have a match.

What if I don’t have 8 players to play my match? You may substitute a player in accordance with the proper handicap sequence, or you may play fewer that 8 players by playing a one-man team against the opponent’s two-man team as long as they are placed in the proper handicap sequence.        

What tees will we play? Tees to be used for Interclub Matches shall be the set of tees used predominately by the men in daily play over the previous twelve month period.

Tees & Recommended Yardages

What is the recommended yardage? The recommended yardage is 6200 yards, plus or minus 200 yards.  The minimum yardage allowed is 5800 yards.

Can some players play from different tees?

Yes, Home Team Captains will set the course and tee being played.  Whole groups of four must play from the same tee. Example:  If the foursome of #7 and 8 players wanted to play from the white tees, but every other foursome played from the blue tees.

Multiple Courses and Teams

What if our club has more than 18 holes, can we use both courses throughout the season? You may schedule matches on any slope rated regulation length course at your club. Captains must be responsible for providing which course will be used for their matches prior to the day of the match. Clubs with an ability to field more than one team may do so,  as long as the teams compete in different divisions. Players must only play for one team through out the season.  

Handicaps and Low Indexes (LI's)

What are the handicaps?  Handicaps are determined by low index and will be locked for the regular season,  updated for the play offs.

What if my index in the last 12 months is NOT below an 18.4? You are not eligible to play in the matches until your index is 18.4 or lower.

What responsibilities do I have with my handicap? It is the individual players responsibility to ensure that his correct handicap is being used for the competition and to know the holes at which handicap stroke are given or received.

Posting Individual Scores

Can I post my match scores to my GHIN Handicap? No. Scores from Interclub matches will automatically be posted through the Team Play Module.

What if my match closes out early, do I still post a score? If your match has been “closed” out before 18 holes, your round is deemed to be completed. In this case, “par plus” is assigned for any remaining holes not played. (see Rules of Play for “par plus” explanation)

What if I don’t complete a hole, how do I figure out my score?

If a player starts the hole and does not complete it, or the hole is conceded, you will record “the score most likely made.” This score should not exceed the Net Double Bogey limit based on the current index. (see Rules of Play for more explanation on "Most Likely Score.")

Can our team play a practice round before the match? Yes, your team is allowed to play a practice round as long as it is agreeable by the host club although it is not required. Clubs may charge for practice rounds and Captains should work to ensure that the cost for practice rounds at both courses are comparable.

Practice Rounds

Can our team play a practice round the day of the match? No, practice will not be allowed on the host course the day of the match prior to the beginning round during the regular season matches, play-offs, and the Championship.

Who schedules the practice round? Arrangements for practice rounds should be scheduled by the Team Captain and made in advance with the host club and scheduled at a date, time, and price agreeable to the host club.

How many players can be taken to the practice round? The number of players is limited to 8 players during the regular season and the playoffs.

Captains Arrangements

What arrangements do the Captains need to make for the match? Host team Captains arrange for the match to be played by the scheduled date, arrange for tee times, and practice rounds if applicable and select team members. 

Can a Captain use a “shotgun start” if needed? Yes, as long as the allotment of handicap strokes remain the same regardless of the starting hole.

Posting Match Details and Results

When do match details need to be posted by? Match details need to be posted on the Team Play Module one week before the match takes place.

When do the match results have to be posted by? Match results MUST be posted on the Team Play Module the night the match takes place. Team members from both teams who were not in attendance will want to see your progress, so let's get results up as fast as possible.

Who posts the match results? The home team Captain should post both teams results although either team Captain can post the results based upon agreement.

What if the results were posted and submitted incorrectly? Contact the FSGA to reset the team results, and promptly re-enter in your correct teams results.

Postponed/Suspended Matches, Rain & Darkness

What if there is inclement weather, can we postpone a match? Team Captains can mutually agree to postpone the match in advance due to actual or predicted unfavorable weather conditions.

What if play has been suspended? Teams must remain until the decision to close the course is final.

What if play is suspended and Captains agree to postpone the match? Team Captains must verify the results of each match up to the point when play has been suspended. In some cases the results as of that point will stand as final results (see "Rules of Play")

Rescheduling Matches/Rescheduled Match Standings

What if we need to reschedule a match? Matches should be rescheduled as soon as possible but no later than the first available Thursday following the conclusion of regular season play.

How will a rescheduled match affect my standings? Your postponed match and standings will be automatically adjusted once your match is played.

Who qualifies for the playoffs? Groups will have one team advance to the playoffs.  The group winner will be the team with the most Overall Points (win-loss points) at the end of the season.

What if I am in a Region with only three groups? The highest ranking second-place team, the "Wild Card Team," based on Overall Points (win-loss points) advance to the playoffs.


What if I am in a Region with only two groups? The two group winners will playoff and the winner will advance to the State Championship. 

What if there is a tie? In the event of a tie, there is an established tie-breaking method (See Rules of Play, "Tie Breaking Procedures").

How long are the playoffs? Round One of the playoffs consist of two matches, one home and one away.  Round One matches will be scheduled for the first and second Thursdays of playoffs.  The teams who win Round One of the playoff advance to Round Two of the playoffs.  Round Two is structured the same as Round One of the playoffs.  The winners of Round Two of the playoffs advance to the State Championship.

Who receives home course advantage in the playoffs? Teams will be "seeded" according to their overall record.  The higher seeded team (better record) receives home course advantage for the second match of the playoffs.

State Championship

Is the State Championship the same format as the regular season? No. The State Championship will be conducted using stroke play and utilizing Stableford points scoring.  Each team's daily score will be the sum of their six lowest individual net scores (six highest Stableford points).  The Championship team will be determined by the team with the highest Stableford total after two rounds.

Concessions and Advice

What is the concession of a stroke? A concession of a stroke is deemed to be conceded for the four-ball match.

When can I concede a hole? You can concede a hole at anytime during the play of the hole as long as the ball is not moving.

When can I concede a match? You can concede the match(es) at anytime during play.

Can I give advice to my partner? Yes, you can give your partner advice at any point during the match.

What if the four-ball match has closed out, can I still give/receive advice from my partner? Yes, when the four-ball match remains ongoing or has closed out, both players are still deemed to be partners and therefore may exchange advice.


Can players have caddies? Yes, as long as there are an equal number of caddies available for each team. Customary caddies' fees are to be paid even though they will often exceed cart fees.

Balls, Clubs, and Distance Measuring Devices

Is the One-Ball Rule in effect? No, but only golf balls that conform to the USGA Rules of of Golf may be used.

Can I carry more than 14 clubs in my bag? No more than 14 clubs may be carried during the stipulated round. 

Can I use Distance-Measuring Devices and/or a GPS System?  Yes, however devices that gauge or measure other conditions (wind, gradient) must have that function turned off.

USGA Rules of Play

Current USGA Rules of Golf will govern all matches. Penalty for waiving the Rules of Golf is disqualification for the player or team who is in violation of this rule.