Play-Off Procedures

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Generally, a playoff is a hole by hole competition played at the completion of regulation play to determine a winner, qualifier, or alternate(s). A play-off is a new stipulated round.

The Committee will determine the hole(s) if a play-off arises.  In some instances, the holes for a play-off are decided beforehand by the Committee and are identified on the Notice to Players. 

It is the responsibility of the player to be present for any play-off.

USGA and FSGA Qualifiers

  • Final qualifying positions and alternates should be determined by playoff only. No other method is acceptable when all players are present (i.e.-chip off)
  • If for any reason (weather, darkness, course unplayable, etc.), time is not available for a play-off on the day of the competition, a play-off should be scheduled for the next morning
  • If the Tournament Chairman is unable to attend the play-off, the FSGA office will arrange or provide appropriate coverage

Suggested Play-off Procedures

  • Once the final scorecards are returned, it is suggested that the Tournament Chairman assign a starting time and tee for the play-off
  • At times you may have more than one play-off concurrently
  • When a play-off is eminent, coordinate with the club to determine possible open available holes
  • Par 4's have a tendency to work best and are considered the most equitable. However, there is no rule about which type of holes on which to begin the play-off
  • Generally anymore than 5 in one play-off should be broken up into multiple groups

Players Not Present for Playoff:

A player who has returned a score that qualifies him for a qualifying or an alternate spot, has earned a qualifying or an alternate spot, even if he has left the course.

Example: You are required to rank order 2 alternates. Three players ( A, B & C ) score 74's.

Situation # 1: All 3 players are present for a playoff

  • Solution:  Both alternate positions are determined by playoff.
Situation # 2: Players A & C are present. Player B has left the course.
  • Solution:  Players A & C play-off for 1st and 2nd alternate. B has no standing.
Situation # 3: Players A & B leave the course while Player C is still present.
  • Solution: Player C is 1st alternate. 2nd alternate is determined by lot.
Situation # 4: All 3 players have left the course.
  • Solution:  Both alternate positions are determined by lot.
Procedure to determine by lot: You may draw numbers, assigned to each player, or names from a hat. A deck of cards could be used with the highest card representing their position.

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