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Preparing for a Tournament

The following suggestions are for parents and competitors that are planning on competing in FJT events.

Acceptance Information via E-mail

After entering online, the first email that you will receive only states that we have received your entry.  At this point, your credit card has not been charged and you are not yet entered into the event.  Once a player is accepted into a tournament, they will receive a second email confirming that they have now been entered and it will also state that your credit card has been charged.  A day or two after the entry deadline, groupings, starting times and other information about the event will be posted under the "Tee Times" area of the website.

Travel and Lodging

The FJT does not have "host hotels" however, information on special rates may be included in the player information for a tournament.

Practice Rounds

A practice round is available (for an additional fee) but is not required. In some cases, the host club will also permit player's parents to play a practice round at a predetermined price.  All practice round information will be provided in the "player information" posted to the website.  In most cases, the first round of an FJT event will start on Saturday around noon, allowing many families adequate time to travel to course on the first day of the event.

Practice rounds are helpful, but they are not essential to success. If a practice round isn't possible, checking with the club to see if they sell yardage books or asking a club employee or member for advice could be helpful. Using Google Earth, or other satellite maps, to familiarize yourself with the layout and measure yardages on tricky holes is also a very useful tool.

First Round - Getting Started

Players should arrive at the tournament roughly one hour prior to their tee time.   Every player should check in at registration where they should double-check their tee time and receive local rules, hole locations and other items that are necessary.

Players should leave the practice area in time to arrive at their assigned starting tee approximately 10 minutes in advance. Under the Rules of Golf, it is the player’s sole responsibility to be at the starting tee at the designated tee time. Late arrival to the tee will result in either a two-stroke penalty or disqualification. At the tee, an FJT official will assign scorecards and provide any necessary instructions prior to announcing each player's name before he or she tees off.

Nutrition & Hydration

Proper rest, nutrition and hydration is vital, particularly when competing in the intense Florida heat. Although water will be available on the course, parents may carry additional water and nutritional items for the players which must be purchased from the host club. Players should begin drinking water well in advance of arriving at the course.

Spectator Carts

Spectators will be permitted to rent a golf cart at most courses. Strict guidelines listed under “Parents” must be followed. Parents are expected to be considerate and helpful to all players at the event.

Final Round

Final-round tee times, which are based on the player’s first round score will be posted on the scoreboard and on the website. Again, under the Rules of Golf, it is the player’s sole responsibility to be at the starting tee at the designated tee time.

Awards Ceremony

Crystal trophies are awarded to the Champion in each division and a playoff will be conducted if necessary to determine each division’s Champion.
Medals are awarded to the 2nd and 3rd place finishers in each division. Ties will receive duplicate medals. The awards ceremony will take place immediately following the conclusion of the competition.


It is very appropriate to write a thank you note to the host club after the event.  The appropriate names and addresses will be provided to all participants.