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The radio is our main method of communication as members of the Committee. Proper usage and availability of the radio is absolutely essential throughout the course of a tournament day; especially when weather becomes an issue. Below are some brief guidelines for good radio etiquette and proper usage.

If you are uncertain of how to properly use a radio, please ask. Prior to heading out onto the course, you should perform a radio check. If you are a considerable distance from the clubhouse, it is also a good idea to check again. 

  • When speaking on the radio, please be aware of a few things that may make it difficult for people to hear and understand you:
    • Press and hold down the push-to-talk button for a second and then speak.
    • When you are finished speaking, continue to hold down the push-to-talk button for a second and then release
    • This will ensure your whole message goes through.
    • Speak clearly and concisely.
    • Initial transmissions should include who it is for and who is calling.
      • i.e. - “Dave this is Bob, come in please.”
    • When avoidable, do not talk on the radio while driving a golf cart
    • In windy conditions, cover your mic with your hand to shield it from the wind. Put up your cart windshield if needed.
    • Say what you need to say and then keep the Rules channel clear; keep it brief.
    • Keep your radio on at all times; including lunch breaks. We may have an immediate evacuation and will need all hands on deck.
  • Relay when needed - If you hear the Tournament Chairman trying to reach someone on the radio or someone calling to the Tournament Chairman without success, attempt to relay the information. Depending on the golf course, the radios may not reach the whole part of the course.
    • i.e. - Tom, in the clubhouse is calling Moe who is out on hole 14. He calls him twice with no success. Jack is on hole 12 and can hear Tom. “Moe, do you copy, Tom is trying to get you.” Moe responds, and then Jack passes Tom’s message/question on, and any answer Moe may have back to Tom.
  • Use the Open Channels - The radios have all been programed with multiple channels; use them. If you are working as a starter and spotter on specific hole, check with the TC to find an open channel and use it for your conversation keeping the main rules channel clear. Make sure the TC knows which channel you are on so he/she can contact you if needed.
  • Any private conversations (ex. coordinating rides, lunch breaks, etc.) should be taken to one of the open channels.
  • Do not invite everyone to speak at once - When calling on the radio, be specific, do not make a general call that will get multiple responses.
  • I.e. - "Dave, this is Kyle. Do you know where the 9:12 group off #1 is?" NOT “Committee on the back 9” or “Does anybody know about the 9:12 group is?”

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