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  • A registration area is normally set up at each tournament site the morning of the competition. While we request players check in upon arrival, it is not mandatory.
  • The registration area should be prepared and staffed, minimally one hour prior to the first scheduled starting time. 
  • Committee members staffing this area should remember that they will most likely be the first FSGA representative to have contact with a player. A pleasant greeting and helpful attitude goes a long way to making players feel welcome.
  • The registration area becomes the information center for the event and you may be asked a variety of questions from players, spectators and interested club members.
  • Become familiar with the location of:
    • Practice areas
    • 1st and 10th tees
    • Restrooms / Locker rooms
    • Concession area
    • Pro Shop
  • The registration table should have a pairing list facing players to allow them to verify their starting time. Additionally you should have a pairing and alpha starting list to work with, pen/pencil, highlighter and radio.
  • As players check in, ask them to confirm their starting time and tee; please don’t tell them. If the player does not remember, have them look at the pairing sheet and confirm his starting time and tee.
  • The registration area is also where tournament information sheets may be given out:
    • Hole Locations
    • Notice to Players
    • Hard Card
    • Pace of Play Policy
    • Tee gifts are also given out at some events.
  • Highlight the player’s name on your work copy of the pairings list.
  • The Tournament Chairman should also keep you informed of any withdrawals, as well as alternates that may be on site, which should be recorded on the same sheet.
  • As the first scheduled starting time of the day approaches, you may wish to contact the starter(s) and inform him that all players for the first few times are on site or that a player is missing from a specific time. The starter may also contact you to see if a player has checked in because they may not yet have arrived at the tee and their starting time is approaching.
  • When all players have checked in, inform the Committee and check with the Tournament Chairman as to how you should proceed.
  • Please remember to keep your radio on at all times!

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