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Volunteers who assist in scoring play a very important role.  Many discrepancies and disqualifications could arise, and we need to make sure we get it right! 

Below is a list of duties volunteers should follow when scoring:

Scoring Area

  • It is the Committee’s responsibility to define the scoring area
  • Players should be informed on the Notice to Players or by the Starter where to return scorecards
  • The area should be clearly marked and easy to find
  • It should be in a quiet environment, clear of food, drinks and other things that may cause a distraction to the player


  • Ask the players if anyone played a second ball under Rule 3-3 or if there were any rulings they needed to discuss.
  • Ask players to remain in the scoring area while you check and add the scorecards.


  • Two signatures (player and marker)
  • A score in each box for each hole
  • Add up total front nine, total back nine, total 18 holes
  • Verify total with competitor
    • (36-37--73; I agree)
  • Add multi-round total if applicable
  • Initial scorecard

Printable Page - Scoring Procedures

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