Suspension & Evacuation Procedures

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Player safety is one of the most essential parts of tournament operations. Unfortunately, here in Florida, a storm can pop up out of nowhere and things can happen really quickly. During these times, it is essential to stay calm and keep the radio clear for the Tournament Chairmen.

Radio Usage

  • When weather is present and the Tournament Chairmen addresses possible suspension scenarios, it is essential to limit radio traffic to a minimum


  • All carts (or with a large Committee, most carts) will have airhorns placed in the carts by the Tournament Chairman. Please be sure the top is secured tightly when preparing for a suspension
  • When sounding the airhorn, position the trumpet facing away from you and others nearby
  • Sound the airhorn as directed by the Tournament Chairmen
    • One Prolonged Blast - Immediate Suspension due to dangerous situation, no more shots may be hit, evacuate immediately
    • Three Short Blasts - Play is suspended, players may mark and head in or finish the hole they are on. Players may not start a new hole
  • The Tournament Chairman should record the time when play is suspended and resumed


  • Riding Events
    • Work in assigned zones to insure that all players in that zone have stopped play and are in carts heading into the clubhouse. Players and officials should assist spectators in evacuating as well.
  • Walking Events
    • Any cart may be used to evacuate (spectator carts, caddie carts, Committee carts, etc.)
    • Assist players in your zone who do not have transportation in the group and shuttle to the clubhouse or assigned location. Repeat until zone is cleared. Assist other zones once your zone is clear.

Resumption of Play

  • The Committee should make all efforts to insure all groups resume at the same time
  • Riding Events
    • Zones will be assigned to confirm all players have returned to position
  • Walking Events
    • Committee carts, spectator carts and caddie carts may be used to assist players back to their positions
  • Once all zones are checked and players are in position, the Tournament Chairman will signal the resumption via radio countdown
    • Two Short Blasts - Signals the resumption of the play after the countdown by the Tournament Chairman or assigned Committee Member

Printable Page - Suspension & Evacuation Procedures

Sample Course Evacuation Plan

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