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May 18th, 2020

USGA Championships & Qualifying

The USGA has canceled all qualifying for 2020 Championships, along with 10 of their 14 National Championships. The US Open, US Women's Open, US Amateur & US Women's Amateur remain scheduled, and fields will be determined using rankings.

FSGA Amateur Public Links Postponed

The FSGA has postponed the Amateur Public Links Championship, June 12-14. We hope to schedule at a later date in the summer of 2020.

April 15th, 2020

Dear Friends - The Coronavirus crisis continues continues to be an unprecedented time for Florida and our nation. Everyone at the FSGA, our volunteers, board and staff, all offer our sympathy and support for those impacted by the virus. We also extend our deepest appreciation to the many heroes that are helping us through this national crisis. Our healthcare workers have been on the front-line of this disease and they have put themselves at personal risk to help people everywhere. There have also been millions of other heroes that have kept our society operating, our communities safe from crime, our grocery stores full, and hundreds of other critical services that we all rely upon in our daily lives.

We will never be able to sufficiently thank you. You are in our hearts and in our prayers.

Playing Safely

As our national healthcare officials suggest that the virus's impact is reaching its peak, the FSGA begins to look past the curve to see what competitive golf will look like this summer. As our health officials have indicated, life won't be the same as it was before, but we will all begin to do more things that we previously considered normal. Normal for the FSGA includes conducting golf tournaments and so with great caution, we begin to announce events that are being rescheduled, even before we know exactly how they will be conducted. 

These schedule changes are all contingent upon our ability to conduct golf tournaments safely, and in accordance with the government heath and social distancing requirements that are in effect as of the time of each event.



ENTRIES - All Entries Open MAY 6th

Men's Championships

Championship / Age Division
Site Date


103rd Amateur
 Rescheduled  Black Diamond Ranch
Dec 17-20
Qual. Nov 16 - Dec 10
74th Florida Open
 As Scheduled  Pine Tree & Quail Ridge
July 17-19
71st Four-Ball
 As Scheduled
 Streamsong (Black)
 Aug 15-16
29th Amateur Match Play
 Postponed - TBD

 Public Links  Postponed - TBD


    39th Mid-Amateur  Rescheduled & Modified  Mayacoo Lakes Oct 9-11   54-holes stroke-play, Fall Qualifying
    Mid-Amateur (Match Play)  Canceled   May 14-17   
    Mid-Am Four-Ball  As Scheduled  Kensington, Naples Sept 5-6   One Championship


    Forty & Over Championship  As Scheduled  Hunters Green & Tampa Palms  July 10-12  
    Forty & Over Four-Ball   Rescheduled  Mission Inn Aug 1-2  One Championship


59th Senior Amateur   Rescheduled & New Site  Eagle Creek, Naples Oct 29-31   Qualifying Sept 29 - Oct 20
Florida Senior Open   Canceled      
Senior Match Play   As Scheduled - Unlikely  Cypress Run June 14-17   Will not be rescheduled if canceled
Senior Four-Ball   As Scheduled  Amelia Island Long point
Sept 22-23   Will add Super-Senior Division
 Senior Two-Man Shoot-Out  Canceled      
 Senior/Mid-Am Four-Ball  Canceled  


 Super-Senior Amateur  Rescheduled Bradenton Oct 5-7   
 Super-Senior Match Play  Canceled      
Super-Senior Four-Ball   Canceled      Division added to Senior Four-Ball


Interclub Final   Canceled      Regional Champions Crowned
Florida Cup
 As Scheduled  Bay Colony
Oct 15-16
Two-Man Shoot-Out
 Postponed  ChampionsGate Resort  Oct 31 - Nov1
Two-Man Scramble
 As Scheduled  CC of Winter Haven
Aug 22-23
 As Scheduled
 Lakewood Ranch
Dec 11-12

 Parent-Child  As Scheduled  Orlando Courses July 25-26   
Net Individual
 As Scheduled
 Mission Inn
Sept 26-27
Net Four-Ball  As Scheduled
 Dec 12-13
Mixed Shoot-Out   As Scheduled  Verandah  Oct 3-4   
 Summer Mixed  Canceled      
 SW Series  Canceled through 5/31      
 One-Day Events  Canceled through 5/31     Anticipate early June cancellations 

Women's Championships 

Championship / Age Division
Site Date


91st Amateur
 Rescheduled & Modified  BallenIsles
July 10-12
Format 54-hole stroke play
 Florida Women's Open
 As Scheduled
 Quail Creek
Aug 7-9
 Mid-Amateur  Postponed - TBD      
 Women's Amateur Stroke Play
 Rescheduled & New Site
 Mission Inn
Aug 1-2

 Shoot-Out  Canceled      
 Senior Amateur  Rescheduled  Orange Tree  Oct 5-6   
 Senior Match Play  As Scheduled  Laurel Oak   Dec 7-9  
Women's International Four-Ball   Completed  Wander's Club  Feb 12-13 Champions - Kim-Schaad & Stasi
Women's Individual Net   As Scheduled  Spring Run  Sep 14-15   
Ranking Series Events  TBD      
Southeastern Challenge


 Parent Child
 As Scheduled   Orlando Courses   July 25-26  
 Mixed Shoot-Out  As Scheduled   Verandah Oct 3-4   
 Summer Mixed  Canceled      
One-Day Events
 Canceled thru 5/31
    Anticipate Early June cancellations 
Link-Up Events
 Canceled thru 5/31

Junior Golf

Championship / Age Division
Site Date


Florida Junior Tour Events
 Canceled thru 5/31
    Many to be added 


 Boys Junior (16-18)
 As Scheduled
Streamsong (Black)
July 7-9
Only One Course Available 
 Boys Junior (13-15)
 Rescheduled Slightly Streamsong (Black)
July 11-13
Only One Course Available  
 Girls' Junior
 As Scheduled
Bradenton & River Strand
Jun 30 - Jul 2
Sugar Mill
Aug 22-23
Junior Match Play (Boys 16-18)
The Fountains
 July 20-23
To become 54-hole stroke play major July 20-22
Junior Match Play (Boys 13-15 & Girls)
Osprey Point
July 20-23
To become 54-hole stroke play major July 20-22
See Junior Recommendation Below         


Junior Team
 As Scheduled
Orlando Courses
July 25-26
 Junior Florida Cup  Canceled  The Everglades  Aug 8-9 To become 36-hole FJT 16-18 age division

Junior Players - 

It is highly recommended that accomplished junior players compete in the Florida Men's & Women's Amateurs; the Florida Open and Florida Women's Open; and the Florida Junior Championships. College coaches want to see you perform on more difficult course set-ups, and you will be competing against active collegiate players. You should also always attempt to qualify for U.S. Junior and U.S. Amateur Championships. Play a balanced schedule throughout the year and compete in top amateur events in addition to your junior tournaments. 


All one days are cancelled through May 31st. One Days in early June are doubtful, but we need to wait to determine if they may be conducted. We will communicate which events will be played as soon as the situation becomes more clear. Please note that some clubs are faced with changing schedules due to the crisis and we need to remain flexible and accommodate their needs.

All schedules are Tentative

There is a great deal of work yet to do in re-scheduling events, and we appreciate the tremendous cooperation and support of our host sites. As of now, all of these plans are tentative and entries have not been re-opened. We must watch the health crisis evolve and as we are more confident that competitions can be conducted, we will open entries.

Thank you for you patience and understanding, and please stay safe.  


UPDATE March 28th, 2020,  9:30 AM

Dear Friends - Regrettably, there is NO CHANGE TO OUR CURRENT OPERATING STATUS due to the ongoing Coronavirus crisis. We remain optimistic that we will return to conducting golf tournaments in the next few months. All events through May 17th are currently suspended. Once we move through the peak of the pandemic's infection rate, and when our health and governmental authorities suggest that our country is returning to a new normal, we will reschedule as many events as possible. 

Once We Begin - When we are able to play, we will give scheduling priority to our most historic and long-standing Championships. Naturally, we will want to conduct our Men's and Women's Amateur Championships, Junior Championships, Senior Championships, Mid-Amateur Championships and Open Championships. However, we may only be able to conduct one Championship for each category. Team competitions will have a lower priority for rescheduling, and if the crisis continues, few team competitions will be conducted.

Florida Junior Tour - The FJT will resume its existing schedule when it's safe to play, and hopefully additional events will be added throughout the remainder of the year.

USGA - Qualifiers for USGA National Championships are also on hold, and the USGA will continue to provide guidance on the conduct of their championships.

Please remain safe and if you play golf -  please take all possible precautions to avoid contracting the virus. Be smart, do not stand near people, do not ride in a cart with someone you don't live with, and do not touch anything unnecessarily (the flagstick, rakes, ball washers, door handles etc). Take wipes and hand sanitizer with you and clean surfaces that you need to touch before you do. And as you mother told you a thousand times before dinner "go wash your hands"!

Take care of your families and we look forward to seeing you at an FSGA Championship, One-Day, USGA or FJT event soon.

Best regards, Your friends at the FSGA

UPDATE March 18th, 2020,  5:00 PM

Dear Friends - We share your concerns about this terrible crisis that we are all in, and hope to conduct golf tournaments as soon as possible. Our greatest concern continues to be the well-being of everyone involved, and we are respecting the advice of our government health officials and other leaders. Frankly, we are being very conservative in our approach but we believe being conservative is best. After all, we are just talking about golf tournaments... 

As for when we will begin playing again - It's not unlike the hundreds of weather suspensions that we have dealt with through the years -  we will only play when we believe it is safe.  We are carefully monitoring the actions taken by the PGA Tour, LPGA Tour, USGA and other governing bodies of golf. Although our events are not conducted on the same scale as the professional tours - the lives we deal with are just as important. Please be patient - I can assure you that we are chomping at the bit to resume events.

Postponements - For now, no one knows when it will be safe to resume organized golf activities. Perhaps June, maybe July. If anyone already knows the answer please contact us!

What we do Know:

  • We are going to attempt to re-schedule as many events that get postponed as possible
  • One-Day competitions that are effected will not be re-scheduled
  • Major Individual Championships that are Postponed  - we will work like mad to find a new date or site to play our major individual championships - hopefully at the original site, but if that's not possible, somewhere else
  • Some team events, four-balls etc. may have to be cancelled to provide room in the compressed schedule that will remain
  • Updates - We will update you at least every week at this location so that you know where we are going next
  • Restart - Once we begin playing - we can't just catch everything back up at once - we have only so many staff members, so many officials and so many golf courses.

For Now - Stay healthy, and go walk nine holes by yourself late in the evening; take only a few clubs - it's great therapy for stress and it should be safe too. Practice your chipping some - that can always use more work!

Refunds & a Little Patience - See below - but when we cancel any event, we are pushing 100% refunds back to your credit card. For some events that are suspended - we will hold your entry and not refund the amount until we know when and where the postponed event will occur. Then we will communicate with you more. Don't panic, we are good for it! It takes longer than usual to receive refunds - because the entire financial system including the credit card companies are stretched to the max. Please be patient. We are a small company and our staff is trying to stay out of harm's way too!

We love conducting golf tournaments and we will play as soon as we can - as long as it is considered safe for everyone, including the people we go home to after the round.

Warm regards, FSGA Team

UPDATE March 14th, 2020,  9:20 AM

Regrettably, due to the pandemic crisis facing our nation and the world, the Florida State Golf Association was forced to suspend all activities effective March 13, 2020. This suspension includes all FSGA and FJT events. Further, all training, education, and course rating activities are suspended.

The volunteers and staff of the FSGA love to conduct golf tournaments and provide service to our clubs and the golf community. We are very disappointed that we are unable to conduct events but for the safety of our players, volunteers, staff and the general public, we have suspended events. Please recognize that the FSGA is a volunteer-based organization, and many of our volunteers, players and club members are in high risk categories identified by the medical experts. 

Players with active entries should NOT withdraw online as that will not result in a full refund. A full refund for all cancelled events will be automatically refunded to your credit card.

As this situation progresses, we will provide updates on how long operations will remain suspended and inform you of any dates for events that may be re-scheduled.

All future entries are now closed until further notice.

Thank you for your patience and support during this very challenging time for everyone.

Sincerely, Florida State Golf Association

Refunds of Entry Fees

Please DO NOT withdraw online for any events. Withdrawing online will not result in a full refund.

ALL cancelled events will be automatically refunded in full, back to the credit card that the entry was charged on.

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