Florida Open Championship

Interlachen Country Club, Winter Park & Orange Tree Golf Club, Orlando, FL
July 15, 2016 - July 17, 2016

Waldorf Astoria Golf Club

(a) = Amateur
Position Name Total Score
Qualified guangdian Huang 70
Qualified Marcus Manley 71
Qualified Anthony Martire 72
Qualified Michael Gillette 72
Qualified Doug DeCarlo 74
Qualified Donny Lee 74
Qualified Louis Giovacchini 74
Qualified Ryan Stovash 74
Qualified Robert Benne 74
Qualified John Montgomery III 75
Qualified Joe Bentz 75
Qualified Federico Clausen 76
Alternate 1 Lorenzo Bolivar 76
Alternate 2 Nick Joy 76
T15 Jonathan Sundstrom (a) 76
T15 John Carswell (a) 76
T17 Gabriel Menjivar 77
T17 John Edgin 77
T17 Eric Edmunds 77
T17 Daniel Wieck (a) 77
T17 Andrew Dawes 77
T22 Dominic Frontero 78
T22 Matt Gendron (a) 78
T22 Tyler Sluman (a) 78
T22 Michael Keymont (a) 78
T26 Sam Park (a) 79
T26 Trevor Hulbert 79
T26 Thomas Brasco 79
T26 Billy Dickinson 79
T26 Matthew Wagner 79
T31 Joe Hymel (a) 80
T31 Michael Arost (a) 80
T31 Tommy Heninger (a) 80
T31 John Hendrickson III 80
T31 Terence L Woodard 80
T36 Brian Berzanskis 81
T36 Michael Brunson 81
T36 Brett Braasch 81
T39 Zehua Xiao (a) 82
T39 Soobin Lee 82
T39 Jonathan Breth (a) 82
T39 Bret Burroughs 82
T39 Andres Vera (a) 82
T44 Justin Hulbert (a) 83
T44 Bryan Bessinger 83
T44 Andrew Galloway (a) 83
T44 Jeff Biggs 83
T44 Joshua Anderson 83
T49 Dion Muhammad 84
T49 Derek Loebbecke 84
T49 Christopher Bell (a) 84
T49 Kyle Wesolowski (a) 84
T49 Tyler Miller 84
T49 Michael Boyle 84
T55 Randy Elliott (a) 85
T55 Robin Rosado 85
T55 Cody Lubeck 85
T58 Daniel Pachon 86
T58 Todd Lazarus (a) 86
T58 Ethan Han 86
T58 Jake Kelly 86
T62 Deon du Plessis (a) 87
T62 Thomas Le Berre (a) 87
T64 Zijian Huang (a) 89
T64 Tony Clark (a) 89
T64 Zachary Bailey 89
T64 Michael Cecelia Jr (a) 89
T68 Evan Addington 90
T68 Alexander Hastings (a) 90
T70 Nicholas Gallo (a) 91
T70 Maurice Brown (a) 91
72 Nickolas Hanif (a) 92
- did not complete event -
T73 Alex(Kyuhyeop) Lee (a) NS
T73 Pierce Walker NC
T73 Zachary Hoskins (a) NC
T73 Rashad Wright NS
T73 Matt Kleinrock (a) NS
T73 Guogen(Lambert) Lan (a) NS
T73 Stuart Larus NC
T73 Skip Norman NC
T73 Kevin Jones (a) NC
T73 Robert Sullivan NC
T73 Matt Chamberlain (a) NS
T73 Gage Hodges NC

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