February 28, 2019

FSGA Enhances Player Code of Conduct

The FSGA's enhanced policy emphasizes proper etiquette and care for the golf course.

TAMPA, Fla. – Consistent with the new Rules of Golf, the Florida State Golf Association has adopted an enhanced Code of Conduct Policy for all of its events, which emphasizes proper etiquette and care for the golf course.

Under the new Rules, Committees or Associations are allowed to adopt a Code of Conduct that sets the Committee’s own standards for how players should conduct themselves and may set penalties for a player’s breach of those standards.

As a result of this Rules addition, the FSGA has adopted a stricter Code of Conduct, which includes players’ attire, filling divots, repairing ball marks and disposing of trash properly. Players may be warned, penalized or disqualified for violations of the Code of Conduct (including violations by their caddies or family members).

"Golf has always been a game played with honor and respect, and we want to encourage our players to continue this tradition,” FSGA Executive Director, Jim Demick, said of the updated policies.

A main focus of the enhanced policies is caring for the course, particularly for the junior players and on the Florida Junior Tour. Players are expected to make a reasonable effort to repair divots, repair ball marks, rake bunkers, follow cart rules and dispose of trash.

FJT players are now required to carry divot mix during their round to fill divots. The FSGA’s goal is to teach all junior players how to take care of the course and how to properly do it. Caring for the course is a vital part to the game of golf and is an essential part of the game that every golfer needs to learn.

“The juniors are following the policy well and are learning how to take care of the course and how to do it properly,” Demick said.

 “We encourage golf clubs throughout Florida to require their juniors to carry divot mix, so that all junior will become more aware of their responsibility to care for the course that we all enjoy.”

Full Code of Conduct

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