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Exempt Players


Exempt Player (alpha by last name) Exemption Category 
Joe Alfieri 6
Chase Baldwin 16
Reid Bedell 7
Nathan Bertsch 14
Fred Biondi 4
Jay Brooks 5
Andrew Clark 2
Marc Dull 5
Justin Grant 8
Blanton Farmer 5
Jay Halverson 6,7
Palmer Haynes 11
Robbie Higgins 1
John Houchin 1,2
Joey Latowski 2,3,6,7,9
Alex Long 10
Wyatt Plattner 15
Cooper Smith 2,5
Colton Swartz 15
Jonah Wasserstrom 5,7
Abbie Valentine 12
Alex Vogelsong 4


Players in the following categories will be eligible for exemption provided they meet all entry and eligibility requirements.

1)  Last three year's Amateur Match Play Champions

2)  Last year's Semifinalists

3)  Last year's Amateur Player of the Year

4) Last three year's Amateur Champions

5) Current year's top five & tied Amateur Championship finishers

6)  Current and last two year's Mid-Amateur Champions

7)  Current year's Mid-Amateur Championship Semifinalists

8)  Last year's Mid-Amateur Stroke Play Champion

9)  Last year's Mid-Amateur Player of the Year

10)  Last year's Junior Amateur Player of the Year

11)  Last year's Junior Amateur Match Play Champions

12)  Previous Year's Forty & Over Champion

13) Current year's Amateur Public Links Champion

14)  Last year's Florida Open Low Amateur

15)  Current and last year's Boys' Junior Champions (16-18 Division)

16)  Special Exemptions from 2020 Championship cancelation