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Old Corkscrew GC (16-18)

Florida Junior Tour
Random Draw and Alternates List
Exempt Players
Exempt players were entered into the field on a first-come, first-served basis up to the
limit of 70% of the field. Entries submitted by exempt players after the limit was reached
were placed in the random draw pool. If the exempt limit was not reached, the remaining
spots were added to the random draw.
Random Draw
After the close of entries a random draw was conducted to fill spots not taken by exempt
players and to establish an alternates list. All non-exempt players were automatically
placed in the random draw pool of entries. Exempt players entering after the exempt limit
was reached were included in the random draw pool.
Where do the random numbers come from?
Each player in the draw was assigned a computer-generated random number between 0 and
100. These random numbers were then ranked, with the highest numbers receiving entry
into the field. All remaining players were placed on an alternates list in order of the rankings
Results of Random Draw
Status, or Generated
Your State / Random
Alternate # First Last City Country Number
Accepted Dominick Vennari Stuart FL 99.74380
Accepted JB Thompson Jupiter FL 97.40499
Accepted Conrad Hahne Ramsey MN 96.83891
Accepted John Inkster North Fort Myers FL 93.77302
Accepted Steve Aebersold East Lake FL 93.53080
Accepted Jeffrey Alexander Port Charlotte FL 92.65714
Accepted Michael Faulkner Cape Coral FL 92.54891
Accepted Dane Cianelli Plantation FL 88.80533
Accepted Barry Babbitt Orlando FL 88.63910
Accepted Conner Dolan Orlando FL 87.16939
Accepted Jordan Gumberg Fort Lauderdale FL 83.05375
Accepted Derrek Drozdyk Clermont FL 79.47015
Accepted Jorge Junquera Tampe FL 71.95990
Accepted Jake Marriott Naples FL 71.60299
Accepted Christian Zimm Naples FL 68.99255
Accepted Anthony Gabriele Wellington FL 61.65688
Accepted Robert Butler Estero FL 61.60948
Accepted Ross Gutlohn Pinecrest FL 60.37644
Accepted Jonathan Lowrey Fort Myers FL 59.74197
Accepted Jesus Delgado Fort Lauderdale FL 59.52792
Accepted Anthony Infante Miami FL 58.88194
Accepted Drew Cooke Homosassa FL 58.43565
Accepted James Patterson Naples FL 57.39972
Accepted Ryan Daigle Orlando FL 57.23434
Accepted Alex Rios Coral Springs FL 55.90710
Accepted Juan Santos Lake Mary FL 54.80769
Accepted Oscar Cabanas Miami FL 53.42055
Accepted Michael Lee Sanford FL 49.32832
Accepted Colin Julian Valrico FL 46.40202
Accepted Anthony Quintessenza Saint Petersburg FL 45.25703
Accepted Brian Lanoue Tampa FL 45.20162
Accepted Lucas Trim Tampa FL 43.31106
Accepted Brad White Tampa FL 40.26852
Accepted Derron Peyton Boynton Beach FL 37.94368
Accepted Tyler Howes Kissimmee FL 36.41970
Accepted Anthony Noll Naples FL 35.10560
Accepted Matt Leiti Naples FL 34.35026
Accepted Alex Lutz Lighthouse Point FL 31.85574
Accepted Ryan Allison Melbourne FL 30.72173
Accepted J. Remec Carlson Los Angeles CA 28.84599
Accepted Tyler Miller Valrico FL 28.68921
Accepted Lucas Schlossberg Buenos Aires Argentina 27.06237
Accepted Michael Primavera Naples FL 27.01534
Accepted Alec Carlisle Fort Myers FL 26.48244
Accepted Zack Holton North Fort Myers FL 25.90684
Accepted Jonathan Rodriguez Miami FL 25.83097
Accepted Sean Mazzola Bonita Springs FL 25.61582
Accepted Brandon Meyer Lehigh Acres FL 23.54783
Accepted Brian Eidelbus Sarasota FL 23.25310
Accepted William Williams Kissimmee FL 20.95754
1-Accepted Joey Septoff Davie FL 19.13290
2-Accepted Austin Schultz Bonita Springs FL 18.60187
3- Accepted Clayton Spilman Belleair FL 17.98834
4-Accepted Brian Allen Lithia FL 16.30736
5-Accepted Jack Bishop Ponte Vedra Beach FL 13.30919
6-Accepted Ethan Marcus Boca Raton FL 11.97979
7-Accepted James DiBiasio Windermere FL 7.15132
8-Accepted C J Wagner Windermere FL 6.87629
9-Accepted Matthew Prenderville Wesley Chapel FL 0.49368
10-No Reply Devin Eatmon Belleview FL Late Entry
11-No reply Jeffrey Hawes Wesley Chapel FL Late Entry
12-Accepted Scotty Petersen Ocala FL Late Entry
13-Accepted Marcos Montesano Miami FL Late Entry
14-No Reply Juan Diego Devia Bogota Columbia Late Entry
15-Declined Sean Keeby Parkland FL Late Entry
16-Awaiting Reply Michael Anderson Parkland FL Late Entry
17-Accepted Nicolas Cavero Valencia Venezuela Late Entry
18 exempt players, 50 non-exempt players and 1 Committee Selection in the original field.