TrackMan Combines Junior Golf Assessment

TrackMan Combines offer a comprehensive test of a player's ball striking ability.  The participant will hit three shots to nine different targets as well as three drivers and then repeat the whole process for a total of 60 shots.  Each shot will be graded based on proximity to the target and your scores will be compiled into a total score for all targets.  

What does the Combine Entail?

Participants will have 10-15 minutes to warm up prior to the combine, and then the combine should take roughly 30-40 minutes to complete.  After the combine is completed, we will conduct a 3-4 minute video interview of the junior that will be posted to his or her FSGA profile.  

What are the Targets? 

Shots will be hit to targets at:

  • 60 yards
  • 70 yards
  • 80 yards
  • 90 yards
  • 100 yards
  • 120 yards
  • 140 yards 
  • 160 yards
  • 180 yards
  • Drivers

Starting with 60 yards, you'll work your way up to driver hitting 3 shots to each target of the 10 targets, and then repeat for a total of 60 shots. 

How Does the Scoring Work?

Scores are calculated based on proximity to the target using carry distance.  Scores for each shot range from 0-100 and the average of the six shots at each target will be taken to arrive at a total score for each target.  Similarly, the average of all 60 shots will give us the total score.  There are no scores that get thrown out, all 60 shots will be included in the average.  

A perfect score for each shot is 100.  The area where the 100 score will be is roughly 1.45% of the total distance of the shot.  For example, on the 100 yard shot, in order to score a perfect 100, the shot will need to carry within roughly 1.45 yards of the target.  The "100 circle" is a percentage of the distance of the shot, so it will be smaller with the shorter shots and scale up as the shots get longer.  As you get outside of the 100 circle, scores will decrease the further from the target the shot lands.  The highest score to date for an entire combine is 94.2. 

What Can I Learn from My Score?

Many takeaways can be had from your Combine score. First and foremost, it is a great tool to see where your strengths and weaknesses lie.  Below are a few screenshots from a sample report.   

This summary shows a clear delineation between this player's shots within 100 yards and greater than 100 yards, giving the player a great idea of where he or she has room for improvement.  

Each target will have a shot by shot listing of all of the data collected.  The "Change Data" function can be used to select different data.  For example, if you want to show club path rather than total distance, simply click on Change Data to do so.  

How Do I Compare to Others?

Every person who completes the combine will have their score posted on  Filters will allow you to show select graduation years, dates of the combine score etc., and compare your scores with your Florida Junior Tour peers.  In addition to your peers, the combine is utilized by many college programs as well as professional golfers.  Many of their scores are public and they offer a nice comparison to where you may see yourself down the road and what aspects of your game need to be improved on.  

When the combine is completed, the report will show an estimated handicap.  Aside from comparing yourself to your peers and recognizable names to have completed the combine, this is a another way to see how you stand. The handicap ranges are roughly as follows:

 Combine Score     Estimated Handicap  
> 84 +5 or better
83 +4
82 +3
81 +2
80 +1
78-79 0
77 1
76 2
73-75 3
72 4
70-71  5
64-69 6-8
60-64 9-11
55-59 11-14

Can I Utilize a Coach in My Area?

We have a number of "authorized coaches" throughout the state who, if a student completes a combine through their TrackMan, it will show up on our results page.  A list of authorized coaches will be posted on our website soon.    

The coaches will not be interviewing you, so we will send you a list of questions and ask that you record an interview on your phone and send it in to us so that we can upload it to your profile.  

What Do You Mean Interviews?

In addition to the combine score, for all combines run by the FSGA, juniors will complete a 3-4 minute interview.  The interview will consist of basic questions about yourself, your family, and your background.  It will help give college coaches an introduction to you and an opportunity for you to show off your personality to the coaches.  

Where Can I Find My Results?

Results will be posted on and also in a Google Sheets document.  You will also be emailed a copy of your TrackMan report, and if you haven't already, you will be prompted to set up a profile at  

How Do I Sign Up and How Much Will It Cost?

The combine schedule is linked here.  All you will need to have is a profile with the FSGA and a Junior level membership.  The Combine itself will cost $10 and any repeat attempts within the same calendar year will cost $45.  Combines taken with authorized coaches will be at the coaches discretion but is not to exceed $75.  

Can I Have Multiple Attempts?

For scheduled combine, you will only have one attempt.  Once the combine is started, there will be no mulligans and we will not start the combine over.  

You will be able to schedule multiple combine attempts, but the cost will increase after your first for each calendar year as detailed in the previous section and they will be on a space available basis.  If there is a junior who has not taken the combine, he or she will have priority over the junior signing up for a second or third try.  

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