Junior Golf

FJT Policies

Tour Philosophy

The credibility of the FJT depends upon three primary factors; (1) The quality of its fields, (2) the quality of venues, and (3) the proper administration of each event (Rules, Pace-of-play, etc).  Excellent field strength benefits all players. To ensure excellent field strength, the Tour extends exemptions to players that perform at outstanding levels in FJT and other competitions. Click here for more information on FJT exemptions. However, the Tour is committed to providing access to all capable players. (See Field Determination below)

The Tour strongly suggests that players compete in their local junior programs in order to develop the experience and confidence necessary to perform well at state and national events.


In order to be a participant in an FJT 13-15 or 16-18 tournament, you must be a member of the FSGA. You do not need to be a member of the FSGA to participate in the 9-12 age division, but you do need to have an account setup on our website. Florida residency is NOT a requirement, except for the Girls' and Boys' State Junior Championship.

You can compete on the Tour from age 9 through 18 as long as you have not completed high school AND started attending college full time (12 credit hours). Which means... you can take college classes while you're still in high school. Oh yeah, if you bomb out of college and want to come back and play it's too late - you should have studied more.

The last day of each tournament is used to calculate players' ages to determine eligibility. The player's age on the last day the tournament must fall within the age division (9-12, 13-15 or 16-18 age division)*.

The following actions will make a player ineligible:

  1. Player turns 19 years old
  2. Player loses amateur status
  3. Player graduates high school and enrolls in college full time (12 or more credit hours)*

Philosophy: The FSGA believes a junior golfer is one who is 18 years old or younger and doesn't take an action to become eligible to play college golf.

*  See the "Playing Up" and "Exceptional Playing Capability" polices for exceptions to age ranges.
**  The FSGA reserves the right to modify the college enrollment criteria at any time to reflect any NCAA or NAIA rules. The FSGA also reserves the right to evaluate each player's situation on a case-by-case basis in regards to college enrollment eligibility.

Conditions of Play

Entries are subject to rejection at any time (including during the event) by the FJT. The reason for rejection may include improper attire and/or unbecoming conduct. Any person whose entry is accepted shall be subject to the Rules and Conditions of Play set forth by the FJT. In all FJT events, an event may become official by reverting to the results of an earlier round(s). Eighteen holes may constitute an official event.

Entry Procedures (13-15 & 16-18) Divisions

  • Entries for each event open precisely at 12:00:00 AM on the Wednesday 7 1/2 weeks before the event.
  • Entries for each event will be open for two weeks and close on Wednesday at 11:30:00 PM.

All entries must be submitted through the website and received by the Florida Junior Tour within the entry window. Telephone and fax entries will not be accepted.

Entry Procedure and Field Determination (9-12) Division

  • 84 players accepted into each event
  • Entries will be accepted on a first-come-first-serve basis.
  • Late entries will be accepted if space is available.
  • Entries that are in excess of the available space will be placed on an alternate's list.
  • Entries close approximately 2 1/2 weeks prior to the tournament on a Wednesday at 11:30:00 PM.

Please click here to view more information on the 9-12 Age Division.

(The FJT Championship Committee reserves the right to modify the field determination process on an event by event basis.)

Late Entries and Fees

Once the entry deadline has passed, players may be permitted to submit late entries and be added to the alternates list to fill spots should they become available. Late entrants will be contacted by the FSGA Tournament Department if and when they are accepted into the tournament field. Any late entrant that gains acceptance into the field will be subject to a $10 late entry fee. 

Late entrants will be added to the bottom of the alternates list on a first-come, first-served basis. Exempt players have no priority if their entry is submitted after the entry deadline, however if they get accepted into the tournament an exemption will be considered used.

Field Determination - Regular 36-Hole Events

Each typical tournament field will consist of 84 players:

Below is an example of how the random draw will be conducted:

Regular 36-Hole Events

Random Draw Procedure:  Boys Girls  Total
Total Number of Entries 100 33 133
Entries Accepted
21  84
Percentage of Entries Accepted  63% 63%  
comprised of:
Exempt Players (max of 70%)
15  59
Random Draw (minimum #'s)
17 5  22
Committee Selection (optional)
2 1  3

Exempt Players - Exempt players will be entered into the field on a first-come, first-served basis up to the limit posted in the above table. Entries submitted by exempt players after the limit has been reached will be placed in the random draw pool. Should the exempt limit not be reached, the remaining spots will be added to the random draw. Entries will be accepted proportionately in the random draw based on the total number of entries in the respective divisions.

Random Draw - After the close of entries a random draw will be conducted to fill the spots posted in the table above. All non-exempt players are automatically placed in the random draw pool of entries. Exempt players entering after the exempt limit has been reached will be included in the random draw pool.

Committee Selection - After the random draw is conducted, the FJT Tournament Committee reserves the right to select players, based on special circumstances, to fill the spots posted in the table above.

(The FJT Championship Committee reserves the right to modify the field determination process on an event by event basis.)

Field Determination - 54-Hole "Majors"


54-Hole Majors

  Boys 16-18
Girls 16-18
Boys 13-15
Girls 13-15
Total Players in Field
84 21 48
comprised of:
Exempt Players
(max of 70%)
33 11
Junior Golf Scoreboard Rankings
(higher ranked players have priority)
26 6
15 4

(The FJT Championships Committee reserves the right to modify the proportionate field sizes on an event-by-event basis based on the number of entries received in each division. Also, the Committee may use a "Committee Selection" in extraordinary situations.)

Exempt Players
Exempt players will be entered into the field on a first-come, first-served basis up to the limit posted in the above table. Entries submitted by exempt players after the limit has been reached will only make the tournament field through Junior Golf Scoreboard rankings. Should the exempt limit not be reached, the remaining spots will be added to the Junior Golf Scoreboard ranking.

Junior Golf Scoreboard Rankings
After the close of entries, all non-exempt players will be ranked by their standing on Junior Golf Scoreboard, www.juniorgolfscoreboard.com, The better ranked players will be placed in the tournament field until the limit is reached. Only entries received before the entry deadline will be considered. Players not making the field will be placed on the alternates list in the order of their Junior Golf Scoreboard ranking.

At the entry deadline every player's ranking on JuniorGolfScoreboard.com will be recorded and that ranking will be used to determine the field. Once the field is determined and posted to the website it is final. No changes to the field will be made. Players are responsible for ensuring their Junior Golf Scoreboard ranking is correct and also that duplicate accounts do not exist in their name.

To be ranked by Junior Golf Scoreboard a player must have played in three ranked tournaments in the last 365 days. Click here for more on national rankings.

If there are not enough players ranked by Junior Golf Scoreboard to fill the field then the remaining spots will be filled by using a random draw.

Field Determination - Tour Championship

FJT Tour Championship

  Boys 16-18
Girls 16-18
Boys 13-15
Girls 13-15
Total Players in Field
42 12 24
comprised of:
FJT Winners*
FJT Winners*
FJT Winners*
 FJT Winners*

FJT Points
FJT Points
FJT Points
FJT Points

Committee Selections (2)
Committee Selection (1)
Committee Selections (2)
Committee Selection (1)

The field is determined in the following method:

*FJT winners from the current season. Winners of the Boys' Junior, Girls' Junior and Junior Match Play Championships.

All other entries are held until the entry deadline. Players are then accepted based off their standing on the FJT points lists. An alternates list will be posted to the FJT website under "Tee Times & Player Information". 

Players who turned 16 during the season and earned points in both age divisions will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Basically, if they earned enough points in the 13-15 division to gain acceptance into that division, but are now 16, we will strongly consider their entry into the 16-18 division by either using a Committee Selection or replacing a player who earned a spot but declined the "invitation".

The FSGA reserves the right to modify the selection process and field sizes.

Field Determination - State Championships

See the Tournament Information for each particular state championship to view the entry procedure. FJT exemptions are not used at state championships and most tournament fields are filled on a first-come, first-served basis.


If a player who is scheduled to play in a tournament withdraws, the next alternate will immediately be called at the phone numbers provided and given the opportunity to replace the withdrawn player. If the alternate can not fill the spot, or does not respond in a reasonable amount of time, the next alternate will be offered the spot.

Alternates are usually given 24 hours to return messages left regarding openings. The time period given to alternates may be shortened several days prior to the tournament. The FSGA reserves the right to contact local alternates within 24 hours of the tournament to replace any late withdrawals.

Tee times, pairings, and the alternates list on the website are normally updated within 24 hours after a player withdraws and is replaced by an alternate.

On-Site Alternates
If a player withdraws or no-shows on the day of a tournament, the spot will be filled by an alternate standing by on site. Should there be more than one alternate on site, the highest ranking alternate on the list of alternates will be entered.

All on-site alternates must have submitted an entry and must meet all entry policies.

All on-site alternates must check in at the registration table and notify the Tournament Chairman that he/she is an on-site alternate.

Playing Up

Players between the ages of 13-15 years old may earn the ability to play up under very specific guidelines. See Playing Up for more information.

Exceptional Playing Capability (Acceptance of Under 13 Year Olds)

Players under 13 years old that demonstrate exceptional playing capability may be granted conditional status to participate in the 13-15 age division. Exceptional playing capability is much more than being able to compete against most of the players in the 13-15 age division, exceptional performance means being able to consistently challenge the top players in the FJT at typical FJT yardages with a strong possibility of victory.

Any player under 13 years old requesting conditional status into the FJT must submit a request in writing with all tournament scores for the past two years. Once submitted, the FJT Championship Committee will review the request and make a ruling. Players should only submit a request if they are regularly shooting tournament scores of: Boys, 75 or better at a minimum of 6,600 yards; Girls, 77 or better at a minimum of 5,700 yards.

Example of Exceptional Playing Performance: Alexis Thompson, 10 years old, was granted special status allowing her to play in the 13-15 age division. She was awarded the special status because of her consistent performance in national junior events (winning several local junior events, winning the Westfield PGA Sectional and the 35th Annual Bagwell, missing the US Women's Open by two shots, etc). Alexis proved she was deserving of the special status by winning three of her first five FJT events and being the 2005-2006 FJT Season Points Champion.

The FJT Championship Committee reserves the right to retract your conditional status for many reasons; some examples are: not demonstrating outstanding conduct, regularly withdrawing from events, unable to demonstrate the maturity level of a young adult, unable to control emotions because of poor play (crying,  etc.), failing to place in the top 25% of the field in two of your first three events, etc.

Walking, Caddies not Permitted

Players must walk and will need to carry their own bag.  Caddies are not permitted.  In some events, pull carts will be permitted and this information will be provided in the "player information" that will be posted to the website.

Spectators and Carts

Carts may be available for rental on a course by course basis. The FJT will rigorously enforce the FJT spectator policy. Click here for more information regarding parents, spectators, and carts.

Transporting Push/Pull Carts

The FSGA implements a policy regarding push/pull carts while transporting players between holes to reduce and eliminate the possibility of injury during the "shuttle" operation. Generally, the wheels of the push/pull cart may not touch the ground during the transporting of players between holes. Click here to view the entire policy.

Practice Rounds

Typically, a single practice round will be available for an additional fee. Practice rounds are not arranged for the 10-12 age division events.  In some cases, parents will also be allowed to play a practice round with their son or daughter at a reduced fee.  Players under 16 years old will not be allowed to operate carts during practice rounds, but typically all players may ride in carts during the practice rounds.  Practice round information will be posted on the Tour website under the Tour Schedule.

Tournament Information

All tournament information including; practice rounds, course assignment, pairings, starting times, hotel accommodations, etc., will be posted on the FJT website. 

Withdrawing Before the Start of a Tournament

Players who have been accepted into an FJT event and wish to withdraw for any reason MUST withdraw online, notify the FSGA Tournament Department at 813-868-5850, or email kyle@fsga.org prior to the event. If withdrawing on the day of the event, contact the FSGA office at 813-868-5850 and the Golf Shop at the course you are scheduled to play.

Scoreboard Designations - Withdrawals, No Shows, No Cards and Disqualification

WD - A player who withdraws before or between rounds prior to their tee time by notifying the Club, the FSGA or a representative of the FSGA, will be listed as a withdrawal (WD) on the scoreboard, website and in press releases.

NS - A player who fails to appear for his/her starting time without prior notification to the Club, the FSGA or a representative of the FSGA, will be listed as a no show (NS).

NC - A player who begins his round and does not return a completed scorecard for any reason, including injury, will be listed as a no card (NC). Players who do not finish their round due to weather delays (leaving the course during the suspension) are also listed as NC's.

DQ - A player whose breach of a Rule of Golf results in disqualification or who is at the course and is late to the tee by more than 5 minutes will be listed as disqualified (DQ).

No shows, no cards, and withdrawing during a tournament are serious breaches of the FJT Tournament Policy. In some cases, they are not a serious breach (running out of golf balls, illness during round, injury, emergency, etc.).

Due to the increasing amount of no shows and no cards, the FJT has implemented a strict policy that suspends players who no show, no card, or withdraw between rounds twice in one season.

  • First NC, NS, or WD between rounds during season - No action taken and no excuses needed. Policies for non-FSGA entities may differ (Junior Golf Scoreboard, GolfWeek, AJGA, and other ranking sites).
  • Second NC, NS, or WD between rounds during season - Player is suspended for the next three months in which FJT tournaments are held. Player will be withdrawn from any tournaments entered into during the three month suspension and receive the appropriate refund (see refund policy below).
  • Third NC, NS, or WD between rounds during season - Player is suspended for remainder of season and withdrawn from any tournaments they are already entered in. The FJT Tournament Committee reserves the right to lengthen the suspension into the next FJT season.

No action is taken for the first time a player doesn't finish a tournament because we understand players become ill or injured; however, it is very rare for it to happen twice in one season.

Example: During a tournament in the beginning of the season, a player doesn't show for the second round of a tournament because he wasn't playing well. He is listed as a "NS" for round two and no further action is taken by the FJT Tournament Committee. Later in the season the player becomes very ill during the second round of a tournament and is unable to complete the round. He is listed as a "NC" for the second round and the FJT Tournament Committee will likely suspend him for three months. He shouldn't have wasted his "free pass" earlier in the season!

Exceptional Circumstances:  The FJT Tournament Committee reserves the right to modify or waive suspensions for exceptional circumstances. An exceptional circumstance may be, but is not limited to, providing proof that the player felt very ill during both tournaments and was unable to complete the event.

If a player purposely gets disqualified to avoid finishing a tournament, the Tournament Committee may impose a suspension.

Refund policy

Requests for refunds received prior to the entry closing date will be honored (less $20 administration fee). Requests received after the closing date will be honored (less 50% of the entry fee). No requests will be honored within two days of the scheduled start date of the event.

Players who receive reduced entry fees will receive a refund of 50% if the withdrawal is received prior to two days of the scheduled start date of the event. No requests will be honored within two days of the scheduled start date of the event.

All refunds will be applied to the credit card account used for the initial entry fee purchase. If the initial credit card is no longer active (lost or stolen, etc), please contact the FSGA directly by telephone.

Hard Card & Notice to Players (Local Rules)

The "Hard Card" is a list of local rules in effect for all FJT competitions. The hard card is usually handed out at registration with the pace of play policy copied on the back. Click here to view the FJT Hard Card.

**Electronic measuring devices (range finders) are ALLOWED in FJT competitions.

A "Notice to Players" is a list of local rules specific to a course during a tournament. The Notice to Players takes precedence over the Hard Card. The Notice to Players is usually handed out at registration or the starting tee and normally has the hole locations on the side of the page.

Spikeless Policy

It is a condition of the FJT that shoes with traditionally-designed spikes (regardless of composition, i.e., ceramic, plastic, etc.) or spikes, regardless of design, comprised either entirely or partially of metal (when such metal comes in contact with the surface of the putting green) are prohibited. Penalty for breach of this condition: Disqualification.


Proper golf attire must be worn at all times when players are at the host facility.

  • Hats/visors must be worn with brim forward, males must remove hat/visor while indoors at host facility
  • Collared shirts or shirts specifically designed for golf must be worn and tucked in at all times
  • Women's fashion shirts without a collar are acceptable but must have sleeves
  • Women's shorts must be no more than 5" above the knee or the inseam of the shorts must measure at least 5"
  • Men's short's must not hang past the knee
  • All attire must also meet club guidelines - when in doubt - dress traditionally

Prohibited Attire

  • Tank tops, T-shirts
  • Denim shorts, short-shorts, cut-off shorts, gym shorts, jeans
  • Camouflage designed (non-golf) attire, including hats

Proper attire is required at all times at the host facility, including players meetings and cookouts. Questionable attire will be reviewed by the Tournament Committee. Should a host facility have a stricter dress code, its policy will take precedence. Players in violation will not be allowed to tee off.

Headphones, Ear Pieces, & Electronic Devices

To eliminate distractions and breaches of etiquette, the use of headphones and ear pieces are prohibited during FJT competitive rounds (including sunglasses and hats that have listening devices).

The use of headphones and ear pieces are discouraged while on property at the host club including inside the clubhouse and on the practice facilities.


Play-offs will be conducted to decide the Champion in each division. It is the player's responsibility to be present for any playoff.  All playoffs will commence immediately after the completion of the final round on a hole-by-hole basis. Playoff will begin on a hole selected by the Committee.

Awards & Trophies

Trophies are presented to the top three individuals in 13-15 and 16-18 FJT events. Ties for second or third place are not broken; duplicate awards are presented. Extra trophies may have to be mailed after the event if there are several ties. Trophies are only presented to the champions at the Boys' and Girls' Junior Champions and the runner-up at the Junior Match Play.

Golf Bags - Beginning in 2014, an FJT logo "Champion" golf bag will be awarded to each winner at each FJT 13-15 or 16-18 event. Players who win multiple events will only be awarded one bag (you earn one for your first win). These golf bags are not for purchase and can only be earned by winning an FJT event.

Code of Conduct

Players should review the FJT Code of Conduct section of the Tour website.

Official Time

The official time will be maintained at the starting tee(s) only.

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