Florida Open Championship

Timuquana Country Club - Jacksonville
July 17, 2015 - July 19, 2015

Waldorf Astoria Golf Club

(a) = Amateur
Position Name Total Score
Qualified Trevor Hulbert 68
Qualified Osten Waite 71
Qualified Brock Drogosch 72
Qualified Doug DeCarlo 72
Qualified Nick Joy 72
Qualified Matthew Marquez (a) 72
Qualified Donnie Hammond 73
Qualified Joseph Trim (a) 73
Qualified Michael Gillette 74
Qualified Louis Giovacchini 74
Alternate 1 Jeff Biggs 74
Alternate 2 Otto Mand (a) 75
T13 Soobin Lee 75
T13 Justin Stills 75
T13 Alex Merriman (a) 75
T13 guangdian Huang 75
T17 Daren Johnson 76
T17 Dion Muhammad 76
T17 Skip Norman 76
T17 Gregory McClimans 76
T17 Dominic Frontero 76
T22 Sam Hill 77
T22 Andrew Galloway (a) 77
T22 Will Wiseman 77
T22 Matt Chamberlain (a) 77
T26 Bryan Bessinger 78
T26 Husni Abu Hijleh 78
T26 Scott Jones (a) 78
T29 Kits Patel 79
T29 Henri Leveque IV (a) 79
T29 James Leadbetter 79
T29 Christopher Thomas 79
T29 Robert Benne 79
T29 Jake Kelly 79
T29 Tyler Sluman (a) 79
T29 Charles Seward (a) 79
T37 Barry Babbitt (a) 80
T37 Chi Hou Lok (a) 80
T37 Jon Good 80
T37 Chris Shelton 80
T37 Matt Gendron (a) 80
T42 Doug Smith (a) 81
T42 Alex(Kyuhyeop) Lee (a) 81
T42 Ross Tucker 81
T45 Changju Lee 82
T45 Brandon Becker 82
T47 Chad Skrivan (a) 83
T47 John Montgomery III 83
T47 Justin Hull 83
T47 Bryce Burke (a) 83
T47 Billy Dickinson 83
T52 Brett Beazant 84
T52 Richard Nielsen (a) 84
T55 Daniel Pachon 85
T55 Troy Parker 85
T57 Jeffrey Mason 86
T57 Zachary Maybank 86
T57 Mason Battreall (a) 86
T60 Chase Cutshall (a) 88
T60 Tristan Seitz 88
62 Evan Addington 89
63 David Brasington (a) 91
- did not complete event -
T64 Gaston Khoury NC
T64 Steve Jones NC
T64 Payton Olsen NC
T64 William Wrigley NC
T64 Joe Hymel (a) NC
T64 Chris DeBusk NC
T64 Nathan Landwer (a) NC
T64 Evan Gfeller (a) NC
T64 Douglas Lanier NC
T64 Jessee Gardner NC
T64 Mike Perrault (a) NC
T64 Zachary Hoskins (a) NC
T64 Chris Condello (a) NC
T64 Mehul Rastogi (a) NC
T64 Charles Raulerson NC
T64 Wade Oney (a) NC
T64 Thomas Murtagh (a) NC
T64 Sean Coleman NC
T64 Jonathan Sundstrom (a) NC
T64 Ethan Han NC
T64 Robert Roche (a) NC

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