Florida Open Championship

Black Diamond Ranch - Lecanto
July 14, 2017 - July 16, 2017

Legacy Club at Alaqua Lakes

(a) = Amateur
Position Name Total Score
Qualified Chris Condello (a) 68
Qualified Chase Cutshall (a) 69
Qualified Matthew Raulerson 69
Qualified Chad Ibbotson (a) 70
Qualified Jake Grula (a) 71
Qualified Thad Hudgens (a) 72
Qualified Gabriel Lench 73
Alternate 1 Hojin Kang 73
Alternate 2 Nathan Roque 73
T10 John Driscoll III (a) 73
T10 Shanren Brienen (a) 73
T10 Chase Ibbotson (a) 73
T10 Velten Meyer 73
14 Jeff Corr 73
T15 Brannon Rue (a) 74
T15 Ryan Pierson 74
T17 Linus Lo (a) 75
T17 Anthony Phipps 75
T17 Weston Matheny 75
T17 Rocco Russo (a) 75
T17 Benjamin Harting 75
T17 Chris Howell (a) 75
T17 Garrett Holmes 75
T24 Derek Camps (a) 76
T24 Barry Babbitt (a) 76
T24 Colin Maclane (a) 76
T24 Michael Bakker 76
T24 Bill Leeman (a) 76
T24 Jacob Richard (a) 76
T30 Thomas Brasco 77
T30 Brock Drogosch 77
T30 Donnie Troy (a) 77
T30 Steven McLain 77
T30 Terence L Woodard 77
T30 Taylor John McGerity (a) 77
T30 Jeff Biggs 77
T30 Sean Gorgone 77
T30 Michael Boyle 77
39 Harry Stadelmayer (a) 78
T40 Nicholas Diebel (a) 80
T40 Zack Justice (a) 80
T42 Chip Kelly 82
T42 Jean-Pierre Ely 82
T44 Timmy Hanzelko (a) 83
T44 Brian Sheffield 83
T44 Sebastian Marks (a) 83
47 Reid Callahan 84
48 Robert Meyer 86
- did not complete event -
T49 Mike Jackson (a) NC
T49 Tommy Stricklin (a) NC
T49 Ben Huizinga NC
T49 Robert Benne NC
T49 Will Young NC
T49 Jason Reynolds (a) NC
T49 Orin Mayers (a) NC
T49 Connor David NC
T49 Clint Wilhelm (a) NC
T49 Brandon Ramirez (a) NC
T49 Willis Ring (a) NC
T49 Jeronimo Esteve (a) NC
T49 Christophe Stutts NC
T62 Jaime Santos (a) NS
T62 Evan Addington NS

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