Boys' Junior Championship

The Claw at USF, Tampa

The Claw at USF, Tampa

June 20, 2005


13 - 15 Age Division

Christopher Biuso, Temple Terrace, 73-Medalist

George Letson, Tampa, 76-Qualified

Jordan Rizzo, Sarasota, 77-Qualified

Jack Twomey, Tampa, 77-Qualified

Dylan Malafronte, Tampa, 80-Qualified


Kits Patel, Tampa, 80-1st Alternate

Zackary Walker, Bradenton, 80-2nd Alternate

Drew Mathews, Winter Haven, 81-3rd Alternate


Ian McConnell, Riverview, 82

Sean Jacklin, Bradenton, 84

Steven Fox, Tampa, 87

Andres (Andy) Quintero, Orlando, 87

Justin Summerville, Fort Myers, 87

Kollin Woodbury, Largo, 87

Tyler Pilarski, Clearwater, 94

Jonathon Franklin, Tampa, 96

Charles Silverfield, Tampa, 101


Charles Smith, Bradenton, NS


16 - 18 Age Division

Robby Carl, Valrico, 68-Medalist

Tyler Hock, Ocala, 70-Qualified

Tyler Wilkins, Clearwater, 72-Qualified

Logan Blondell, Lakeland, 73-Qualified

Matt Cooney, Tampa, 73-Qualified

Davis Miller, Tampa, 73-Qualified

Brad Schneider, Valrico, 74-Qualified

Chris Zumpano, Lithia, 74-Qualified

Chad Carpenter, Sarasota, 75-Qualified

Byron White, Bradenton, 75-Qualified

Christian Blanchet, Gainesville, 76-Qualified

Dan Dumala, Tampa, 77-Qualified


Tim Riley, Tampa, 78-1st Alternate

Curtis Smither, Sarasota, 79-2nd Alternate

A J Zumpano, Lithia, 813rd Alternate

Marc Hensel, Temple Terrace, 81-4th Alternate


Jack Compton, Tampa, 83

Craig Copack, Valrico, 83

Paul Crochet, Tampa, 83

Hunter Spitler, Sarasota, 83

Kyle Turko, Valrico, 84

Andrew Henning, Clearwater, 85

Preston Knox, Dunedin, 85

Taylor Cummings, Bradenton, 86

Keith Jamison, Largo, 91

Kyle Woodbury, Largo, 92

Rigo Negron Jr, Ocala, 96


Stephen Szafranski, Clearwater, NS

Kent Hickman, Lakeland, WD

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