Mayacoo Lakes

Mayacoo Lakes Country Club - West Palm Beach
October 4, 2012

Tournament Results
Position Name Rd.1 Total Score Points
1 Paul Zinter 71 71 0
2 Scott Hugus 72 72 0
3 Marc Milman 74 74 0
4 Dann Merrell 77 77 0
5 Paul Roseth 77 77 0
Position Name Rd.1 Total Score Points
1 Leonard Carothers 69 69 0
2 Robert Riccio 70 70 0
3 William Palmer 70 70 0
4 Steven Kirschbaum 71 71 0
5 Charles Tyler 73 73 0
Position Name Rd.1 Total Score Points
1 Daniel Eggertsson 72 72 0
2 Stuart Young 79 79 0
3 Clark Willey 79 79 0
4 Stan Zabytko 80 80 0
5 Rick Meli 81 81 0
Position Name Rd.1 Total Score Points
1 Jo Venter 71 71 0
2 David Bradley 75 75 0
3 Hugo Pintos Sr 76 76 0
4 Joe LaMarco 80 80 0
5 Brian Skolnik 81 81 0
Position Name Rd.1 Total Score Points
1 Marge Eckstein 80 80 0
2 Rose Robideau 81 81 0
3 Karen Long 84 84 0
Position Name Rd.1 Total Score Points
1 Diane Armet 78 78 0
2 Eileen Burke 80 80 0
3 Lanette Gustafson 82 82 0
4 Lisa Brown 85 85 0
- did not complete event -
5 Terri Wirth NC NC 0
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Starting Time

9:00 AM

Entry Fee 


Includes: Cart, golf, range balls and prizes (Lunch is included for Women's Only events).

Men's Flights and Tees Played

  • Gross Flight - Approximately 6,500 yards

  • Under 50 Flight - Approximately 6,500 yards

  • 50-64 Flight - Approximately 6,200 yards

  • 65 and Over Flight - Approximately 6,000 yards

Women's Flights and Tees Played

(*Please answer "NO" to the Gross Division question when submitting an entry)

  • Shorter Flight - Approximately 5,200 yards
  • Longer Flight - Approximately 5,700 yards

Men's Format

  • 18 holes of individual net stroke play within flights

  • Players will play to 100% of their course handicap

  • Gross Flight - All ages; players play same tees, and no strokes given

Women's Format

  • 18 holes of individual gross and net stroke play within flights

  • Players will play to 100% of their course handicap
  • Players in each division will only compete against one another.  (Those playing from the “shorter” tees will NOT be competing against those playing the “longer” tees)

Pairings Request

If you want to play in the same group as another player, let us know by email.

All pairings request must be received at least 4 days prior to the event to guarantee your pairing.

Specify the event and the players you would like to play with. Send your request to


  • Amateur golfers

  • FSGA/GHIN handicap required (24.0 or less for men and 34.0 or less for women)

  • Golfers who do not have a FSGA/GHIN handicap index from a FSGA member club may purchase a 2012 handicap online for $30 at 

  • First time players without an established GHIN handicap will be eligible to compete, but not for prizes.

Entries, Tee Times, Results and Details

  • Groupings and hole assignments will be posted approximately 3 days before the event
  • Results will be posted through the FSGA website


  • $10 per person (from the entry fee) is in the gift certificate pot
  • Ties will be broken by scorecard playoff.  First by comparing the back nines, if still tied, then the last 6 holes on the course, then the last three, then the 18th hole and finally by a coin flip.
  • Payouts within flights - the number of players earning gift certificates and the amounts will be based on the number of players in each flight that week.

Refund Policy

Requests for refunds received prior to the entry closing date will be honored (less $20 per entry administration fee). Requests received after the closing date will be honored (less 50% of the entry fee). No requests will be honored within 48 hours of the first scheduled tee time. Entry Fees are non-transferrable.

Pace of Play

The first group(s) to start will be considered out of position if, at any time during the round, the match/group is behind their allotted time. Any following group will be considered out of position if it (a) is taking more than the allotted time to play and (b) finishes any hole more than fifteen minutes behind the group ahead.

First breach - warning
Second breach - one penalty stroke
Third breach - two penalty strokes

Posting Scores

The FSGA will post all One-Day scores immediately following the competition. The FSGA has the right to modify any course handicap for future One-Day Events if a player does not post their scores.

Weather-Shortened Events

When weather causes a round to be shortened, the FSGA will do what is fair to determine who wins prizes. Nine holes might constitute an official event. Entry fees will generally not be refunded, but if only a few holes are played, we will work with the club to get the players a rain check or another option. The FSGA will do everything possible to complete the round that day. Please note that we are playing golf during the rainy season in Florida and conditions may dictate that players be able to play cart paths only for an event.

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