TrackMan Combine - Streamsong (June 26)

Streamsong Resort - Streamsong
June 26, 2019

$10 entry fee
Junior level membership is required
Players in Girls Junior field will take priority


  • Hit 3 shots to targets at:
    • 60 yards
    • 70 yards
    • 80 yards
    • 90 yards
    • 100 yards
    • 120 yards
    • 140 yards
    • 160 yards
    • 180 yards
    • Drives
  • Starting again at 60 yards, hit another 3 shots to each target for a total of 60 shots. 
  • Each shot will be graded based on carry distance and proximity to the target
  • Each target will have a grade based on the 6 shots
  • A total score will be compiled based on all 60 shots
  • Click here for a full description of the combines

Eligibility Requirements

  • Male or female junior golfer
  • Must have a current FJT Junior Membership ($40)
  • 13-18 years old (Juniors younger than 13 will be accepted on a space available basis)

How Entries are Accepted

  • Time slots can be selected through the entry process
    • Individual time slots will be filled first come first served
  • Juniors that have not completed a combine will take priority over a junior signing up for anything other than their first try of the calendar year

How to Enter

Entries must be submitted through the FSGA website. To enter, each player must have an account on this website (free to setup). Click the "Enter" button above.

Entry Fee

  • First attempt - $10
  • Other attempts in the same calendar year - $45

Late Fee:  A late fee of $10 will applied to entries received after the entry deadline. The entry fee and late fee will only be charged if the player gets accepted 

Schedule of Events

Wednesday, June 26

  • Time slots will be available every half hour, starting at 7:30 AM, with the last one at 1:00
  • Juniors will be allowed to warm up thirty minutes prior to their arranged time
  • After completing the Combine, Juniors will be put through a 3-4 minute interview that will be uploaded to his or her profile on

Other Policies

  • TrackMan FAQs - Click here for more information regarding the TrackMan Combines
  • Championship Policies - Click here to read the withdrawal, dress code, and other policies.
  • Procedures for Alternates - Click here for information on how alternates may gain entry into this event.
  • Conditions/ Schedule - The FSGA Championships Committee/on-site Rules Committee reserves the right to alter any of the conditions, provisions and/or schedules.  The
    decision of the Championships Committee/on-site Rules Committee in any matter will be final.


Streamsong Resort
3000 Dunes Pass Road
Bowling Green, FL 33834

Click for Map

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