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The FJT Championships Committee has received frequent requests from players who wish to play up into the older division. Some players have expressed a desire to compete for the AJGA exemptions awarded to the winner of each FJT event in the older division. The following procedure will be used to determine which players may play up into the older division. Players that play up will also be able to compete in events of their own age division. Girls are not permitted to play in the boys’ division and boys cannot play in the girls’ division.

Earning Permission to Play Up

Players in the 13-15 age division will be allowed to “play-up” into the 16-18 age division if they earn and maintain very specific criteria.

Based on the FJT Exemption Schedule they must have achieved:

  • Fully Exempt Status

Players who have earned the permission to “play up” may play in either age division – we encourage these players to continue playing in their own division in addition to playing in the older division. The FJT Championships Committee may also grant permission in exceptional situations.


In order for a player to maintain the permission to play up, that player must place in the top 50% of the field in two of the first three events in which they play up. A player failing to meet this test will lose their permission to play up.

Once you earn and then validate your permission to play up, you may continue to play up until you turn 16. However, the Committee reserves the right to retract your permission if you regularly withdraw from events or fail to regularly place in the top 50% of the field. Players who play up must also demonstrate leadership through outstanding conduct.

Points List

Players will earn points based upon the age division of the event that they are competing. If you earn points playing in the older division, you will have a points total on the older division schedule. If you play in both divisions you will have points in both divisions. Points earned in each age group stay in that age group and do not count towards the “other” age division. Theoretically, a player could win the Player of the Year award in both age divisions – but only by competing very successfully in both.

Entry Process

For tournaments where there are both age divisions competing, the player must select which division they choose at the time of entry. For tournaments that only include the older division, your FJT account will give you permission to sign up.

Learning to Win

Learning to win and experiencing victory on a regular and repetitive basis is very important in the development of a champion. Tiger Woods won at each and every level he competed. Do not rush to play-up if you do not have an excellent chance of winning. Since you can play in both divisions, you should continue to play in your own age group while you experiment with playing at a higher level. Parents should not push players to play up. Pushing players too much leads to burn-out, not success. A player’s drive to compete should come from within and that drive is fueled by success. Victories in your own age division will also be far more impressive to college recruiters than placing 15th in the older division.

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