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FJT Code of Conduct

The Florida State Golf Association and Florida Junior Tour takes great pride in the host facilities, quality of competitors, and community involvement at each tournament. In order to continue making the Florida Junior Tour experience enjoyable for everyone, the FSGA requires all members to adhere to a set of guidelines known as the Code of Conduct. The Code of Conduct has been created so that the integrity of the game is protected, and for juniors to understand and accept the repercussions of their actions. The Code of Conduct is to be followed throughout the entirety of the junior’s membership.

Any of the following actions by an FJT member at an FJT event, non- FJT event, or toward another FJT member anywhere, constitutes a violation of the Code of Conduct:

Violations of Code of Conduct

  • Unsportsmanlike conduct including profanity, club throwing, and disrespecting the host course staff, volunteers, officials, spectators or other competitors
  • Failure to take reasonable action to:
    • Divots- filling with sand or stepping down on it
      • All players MUST have some form of bottle/bag that can hold divot mix with them throughout their round. They will not be able to tee off without one.
    • Repair ball marks
    • or Rake bunkers
  • Intentional or unnecessary damage to the golf course or property
  • Headphones/Earbuds are not permitted during competitive rounds
  • Inappropriate golf attire including jeans or denim, tank tops, t-shirts, yoga pants, sweat pants, cut-off shirts or shorts, and visible tattoos
  • Not throwing away trash in the proper receptacles 
  • Use or association with drugs, alcohol, or tobacco products (Serious Breach- automatic Disqualification)

Penalties for Violation

  • Warning
  • One Stroke Penalty
  • General Penalty (Loss of hole in match play or two stroke penalty)
  • Disqualification

Penalties will be assessed based on each individual situation including the severity of the breach and the factors that contributed to the breach happening. A player is subject to automatic disqualification for a serious breach without warning. 

Other Etiquette Breaches

  • Gentlemen not taking hat/visor off while indoors
  • Having your phone or other electronics out at the scoring table
  • Yelling/screaming across the course or practice facilities to others

Suspension Information

Suspension or membership removal from future FJT events may be assessed by the FSGA for a serious breach or continued violations of the Code of Conduct. All violations will be recorded and documented by the FSGA.

Please refrain from policing any code of conduct issues. If you witness a code of conduct breach that is serious or have seen the same breach multiple times by a player, you may notify an official. DO NOT HANDLE THE SITUATION YOURSELF. Officials and the tournament chairman will be responsible for handling all code of conduct issues.